Ergonomic Consulting Services

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Humanscale ergonomic consulting improves employee well-being through healthy ergonomics programs. Our services include both virtual and onsite risk assessment, help with LEED requirements, and comprehensive ergonomic training.

ergoIQ Live - Virtual Ergonomic Consultations for Remote Workers

Optimize your work-from-home setup in 30 minutes or less with ergoIQ LIVE!

Ergonomic Assessments

Individualized ergonomic assessments conducted either onsite or virtually.

'Clean sweep' Training & Assessment program

Group training and assessment programs for employees.

Risk Assessment

Thorough onsite assessment of current risk levels.

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Healthcare Ergonomics

Become a ‘Certified Safe Patient and Mobility Champion.’

LEED PC 44 Implementation

Assistance with LEED accreditation specific to the implementation of an ergonomics program.

Workstation Design Consulting

Assistance in optimizing workstation design for wellness and peak performance.


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