Humanscale's Terms & Conditions - Commercial

The terms and conditions below apply to all purchases, with the exception of orders placed on or through authorized retail partners.

Exceptions may apply. Please contact your sales rep for more information.



Customers must complete a credit application, with current information, which must be signed by an owner or officer. Upon approval, a line of credit may be set by our Credit Department. Orders without approved credit must be prepaid upon order placement.


The basis for an approved line of credit may be changed or cancelled at Humanscale’s discretion and advance payment may be required. Standard terms of payment are Net 30 from date of shipment.

Any unpaid balance, upon which payments are not made according to the terms governing the sale, will be considered “Past Due” and may increase by the lower of a) 24% per annum or b) the highest percentage permitted by law, without forfeit of Humanscale’s right to payment.

Any customer who has failed to pay for goods delivered or services rendered in a timely manner shall be liable for all fees, expenses, disbursements, and charges (including all legal costs) incurred by Humanscale in collecting monies owed, as well as interest (at the lower of a) 24% per annum or b) the highest percentage permitted by law).

The processing of orders and/or shipment of orders placed may be delayed if the available credit or prepayment is not received with the order, or if customer’s account is in “Past Due” status.



A purchase order must be issued to Humanscale for all orders. Humanscale prefers purchase orders in PDF format but will also accept purchase orders as Word or Excel files.

Contact your Sales Representative or Humanscale Support for more information on where to submit your purchase order. Humanscale is also EDI capable; contact for more information.


Purchase orders must include the following:

  • Purchase Order Number
  • Bill-to Address
  • Ship-to Address
  • End User Company Name
  • Model Number*
  • Product Quantity
  • Special Pricing Request Number (if applicable)
  • Unit Price with Discount
  • PO Total
  • PO Acknowledgement Email Address
  • Delivery Contact (Name and Phone Number)
  • Payment Information

Please also include the following information, when available:

  • Requested Delivery Date or Ship Date
  • Product Description*
  • Special Delivery, Shipping, and/or Packaging Instructions
  • Name of Humanscale Representative

*If the product description differs from the model number, products will be ordered based on the model number provided on the PO.


The following order deposits will apply to all orders and will be due upon order placement:

  • A 25% deposit will be required for orders with a total greater than $100,000.
  • If available credit does not cover the balance of the order, a deposit will be due in the amount exceeded.



All discounts and list prices are subject to change. Prices are those in effect at the time of order placement.

If a requested shipment date is more than 90 days after the order date, Humanscale reserves the right to price said order based on the published list price as of the shipment date.


Humanscale list prices do not include sales tax. Customer is responsible to remit all such tax.

Humanscale requires a State Resale/Exemption Certification to be on file at its main office at time of order placement for orders that are tax exempt. Sales made without said Certificate will be charged the appropriate sales tax.


Humanscale will assess the following non-refundable order fees to all invoiceable orders.

  • Small Order Fee A Small Order Fee will be applied to orders with a net value of $1,500 net or less.
  • Freight Surcharge All orders will include a 4% Freight Surcharge.
  • Separation Panel Setup Fee A fee of $400 applies to all orders containing separation panel items, in which the net value of the separation panel items on the order is less than $2,000, regardless of the net value of other product lines.


All requests to change or cancel an order must be requested by submitting a Support Ticket.

Order changes are defined as:

  • Deletion of line items
  • Changes in style, color, or quantity
  • Changes to requested ship or delivery date
  • Changes to ship-to address on orders in transit

Changes or cancellations are not accepted on special order or custom product orders.

Order changes may be subject to additional order fees or adjustment in pricing.

Fulfillment of cancellation and/or change requests is dependent on order status. Irrespective of when notified, changes or cancellations are not binding upon Humanscale until Humanscale issues a written acknowledgment of the change or cancellation.


Products Outside of eFloat Lite and eFloat Flex:

Changes or cancellations may be requested up to 1 business day after order placement without incurring a fee (except for special orders and custom products, for which change and cancellation requests are not accepted). After this time, changes or cancellations may be requested up to the following number of business days prior to the acknowledged ship date without incurring a fee equal to 10% of the net order line value.

Product Category Fee applies if request is submitted within __ Business Days of Ship Date* Change/Cancellation Fee Amount
  • Keyboard Systems
  • Ergo Accessories
  • Monitor Arms/Technology
  • Lighting
  • Seating - QuickShip Models
3 10% of Net Order Line Value
  • Seating - Non-QuickShip Models
  • Sit/Stand Solutions
  • Separation Panels
Special Order/Custom Product No changes/cancellations

*Fee waived if requested within 1 business day of order placement

eFloat Lite and eFloat Flex:

Changes or cancellations to eFloat Lite and eFloat Flex items may be requested within 1 business day after order placement without incurring a fee. Changes or cancellations will not be accepted after 10 business days of order placement.

The change/cancellation fee amount is based on the number of business days after order placement on which the request is submitted to Humanscale Customer Care via a Support Ticket:

Request Submitted __ Business Days After Order Placement Change/Cancellation Fee Amount
<1 Fee waived
1-2 25% of Net Order Line Value
3-7 50% of Net Order Line Value
8-10 75% of Net Order Line Value
>10 No changes/cancellations


All Humanscale orders are acknowledged with a scheduled ship date based on the product with the longest lead time. Large or custom orders may increase standard lead times. Shipping charges may apply and will be billed to customer.

All shipments are sent with a signature required. To have the signature requirement removed, submit a Support Ticket to review your order options. If the signature requirement is removed from your order, Humanscale will not authorize carrier claims on your shipment.

Humanscale does not ship to the UPS Store, FedEx Office Ship Center, U.S. Post Office, P.O. boxes, or other mail and shipping facilities. All orders to such facilities will be automatically canceled and refunded.

Humanscale will attempt to accommodate basic shipping instructions, such as “call ahead” or “deliver before 12:00 p.m.” Non-standard delivery instructions may be subject to an additional fee. Please include this information on your purchase order.


Any delivery issues must be noted at the time of delivery and reported to the carrier and Humanscale (by submitting a Support Ticket) for correction. Claims against Humanscale for shortages, errors, etc., must be made via a Support Ticket within the following time frames from time of delivery or customer waives right to make such a claim:

  • External Damage: 24 hours
  • Delivery Shortage: 3 Calendar Days
  • Concealed Damage/Loss: 5 Calendar Days

Humanscale will file all freight claims. In order to receive credit, customer agrees to cooperate and assist in the procedures set out by the carrier and Humanscale.


External damage is defined as damage to the shipping container, visible at time of delivery, resulting in internal damage to the package contents.

Humanscale will not issue full credit for returned product unless customer notes damage on the delivery receipt at time of delivery on the freight bill as it is signed, with as much detail as possible (i.e., number of cartons, type of damage), and submits a Support Ticket immediately (not to exceed 24 hours from time of delivery) with the order number, product information, details, and photos of the issue.

Upon review of eligible claims, Humanscale will provide return instructions and a chargeable replacement order will be processed; credit will be issued after the disposition of damaged product is determined.


A delivery shortage is defined as missing packages (whole boxes or pallets) within a shipment upon delivery.

If customer determines that there is a delivery shortage, customer will note shortage at time of delivery to the carrier on the freight bill, and submit a Support Ticket within 3 calendar days of delivery with the order number, product information, and details of the delivery shortage.

Upon review of eligible claim(s), a replacement order will be processed.


Concealed damage/loss is defined as internal damage to package contents, or missing items within a package, not visible at time of delivery.

If customer determines that there is concealed damage or loss, customer will retain merchandise in the original packaging and submit a Support Ticket within 5 calendar days of delivery with the order number, product information, details, and photos of the issue.

Upon review of eligible claim(s), a replacement order or credit will be processed.


Billable technician services are those provided by Humanscale or Humanscale-sourced 3rd party technicians that are not covered under Humanscale warranty, such as installation or repairs.

A purchase order including technician service fees must be issued to Humanscale and acknowledged with a Humanscale Order Number prior to requesting services. This Humanscale Order Number must be provided when requesting services.

For service pricing, please submit a Support Ticket or contact your Sales Representative. Technician service pricing is subject to change at any time.

By accepting technician services, you agree to the following:

  • Humanscale is not liable for any damage to property.
  • All valuables need to be removed from the space where service occurs.
  • All animals need to be removed from areas where service will occur.


Returns must be requested within 30 days of product receipt by submitting a Support Ticket and can only be processed with proof of purchase from Humanscale.

  • All returned and non-damaged refused orders are subject to a fifteen percent (15%) restocking fee.
  • Seating, separation panels, eFloat Lite, eFloat Flex, and custom/special order returns will not be accepted.

If Humanscale agrees to restock the product, customer must return it freight prepaid to Humanscale, F.O.B., to the original shipping point or as otherwise instructed by Humanscale Customer Care. If the returned product is not in resaleable condition, customer will not receive credit for the return.

  • Return Authorizations expire sixty (60) days after the date of issue.
  • Products returned to Humanscale without a Return Authorization will not be accepted.


Warranties are available to the original customer only and are non-transferable. For these warranties to be valid, the Humanscale product must have been purchased directly from Humanscale or an authorized third-party vendor.

Humanscale offers the following warranties on its products, subject to any exclusions and limitations as set forth.

  Product Warranty
Chairs & Stools Fabric/Cushions/Arm Pads/Wood 5 Years
World One Task Chair 7 Years (Parts and Components) 3 Years (Arm Pads and Textiles)
Ballo Stool** 3 Years
Summa, excluding Fabric/Cushions/Arm Pads/Wood 10 Years
All other seating, excluding Fabric/Cushions/Arm Pads/Wood 15 Years
Monitor Arms and Technology Tools M2.1, M8.1, M/Flex for M2.1 and M/Flex for M8.1 Monitor Arms 15 years
M10 and M/Flex for M10 Monitor Arms 10 Years
M/Connect 3 Years
M/Connect 2 3 Years
M/Power 3 Years
Sit/Stand Solutions Float Table and Float Mini (Mechanical)* 5 Years
eFloat Next, eFloat Go 1.0*  10 Years
eFloat Go 2.0, eFloat Lite, eFloat Flex, and eFloat One* 5 Years
QuickStand, QuickStand Lite, QuickStand Eco, QuickStand Underdesk 5 Years
Separation Panels Separation Panels 5 Years
Lighting Element, Horizon, Infinity & Nova Series Lights 10 Years
Keyboard Systems Keyboard Trays 15 Years
Corner Sleeves 15 Years
Palm Rests & Mouse Pads 5 Years
All Other Keyboard Tray Accessories 15 Years
Foot Rockers and Mat Foot Rockers 15 Years
Monarch Mat 3 Years
Laptop Holders Laptop Holder 15 Years
Tech Tray 15 Years
NeatSuite NeatLinks 5 Years
NeatTech 5 Years
NeatHub 3 Years
NeatCharge 1 Year
NeatUp 5 Years
Desk Accessories Pro Click Mouse 2 Years
CPU Holders CPU Holder and Thin Client Holder 15 Years
Other All other products on our current price guides Create a Support Ticket for additional information


In the event a product or product part is defective in material or workmanship during the warranty period, and Humanscale receives notice of the defect within the warranty period via a Support Ticket, Humanscale will determine if the defect is covered under warranty. To submit a warranty request, create a Support Ticket and include your original Humanscale Order Number or Purchase Order Number.

Humanscale, at its option, may replace or repair the defective product or product part determined to be under warranty with the same or comparable product or product part as determined by Humanscale. Performance of any repair or replacement does not renew or extend the warranty period.

By accepting Humanscale repair services, you agree to the following:

  • Humanscale is not liable for any damage to property.
  • All valuables need to be removed from the space where installation occurs.
  • All animals need to be removed from areas where installation will occur.


Humanscale warrants that, at the time of customer’s receipt, the product will be in good working order and will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the duration of the warranty term, as set forth above.

These warranties do not apply to normal wear and tear or damage caused by accident, neglect, product abuse, misuse and/or failure to follow instructions relating to the product’s installation or intended use.

Humanscale will not be responsible for damage due to service, maintenance, modifications or tampering by anyone other than a Humanscale authorized representative. Humanscale will not be responsible for injury or damage caused by or associated with the installation and/or use of products in any manner other than in strict conformance with the instructions set forth in its installation manuals and instruction sheets and/or product literature.

These warranties do not cover damage caused by a carrier or transportation of the product from one location to another, or alterations made by owner. Humanscale does not warrant damages or defects to the products under the following conditions: an Act of God, damage from electrical power problems, usage of parts or components not supplied by Humanscale, failure to perform preventative maintenance, or damage caused by peripherals not supplied by Humanscale.

*Float and eFloat Products: Modifying or tampering with any part of the base of the Float or eFloat Table will render the warranty void. The warranty on the Float Table applies to the base and work surface if the table top is provided by Humanscale, and only to base if the table top is provided by a third-party, provided that the third-party table top meets the following requirements: (i) has a depth of 36” or less, (ii) has a width of 72” or less, and (iii) the total weight load including work surface is no more than 130 lbs for the standard base and no more than 160 lbs for the heavy duty base.

**Ballo: Ballo is not a task chair. It has not passed the BIFMA or European EN standards for office seating. The Ballo in an exercise chair that is designed for dynamic seating and frequent movement. All Ballo instructions should be followed to ensure a comfortable experience.



Humanscale does not warrant that customer’s use of the Humanscale product will be uninterrupted or error free. Any implied warranties that may be imposed by law are limited in duration to the Limited Warranty period, to the greatest extent allowed by law. Some states or countries do not allow a limitation on how long an implied warranty lasts or the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages for consumer products. In such states or countries, some exclusions or limitations of this Limited Warranty may not apply. This Limited Warranty is subject to change without notification.


Purchaser’s remedies set forth herein are exclusive and the liability of Humanscale with respect to the breach of this agreement or any contract entered into between the parties pursuant hereto shall not exceed the price of the product or part on which such liability is based. In no event will Humanscale be liable to purchasers for any special, collateral, incidental or consequential damages however caused, whether by Humanscale’s negligence or otherwise.

The remedies provided above are the purchaser’s sole remedies for any failure of Humanscale to comply with its obligations regarding the workmanship of its products. Correction of any nonconformity in the manner and for the period of time provided shall constitute complete fulfillment of all liabilities of Humanscale, with respect to or arising out of the product furnished hereunder.

Humanscale's Terms & Conditions - Commercial