As a manufacturer, we care about the materials used in our products and the impact these materials can have on our customers and the environment. One way we demonstrate our commitment to using sustainable materials is through our line of Ocean chairs. As the first company to incorporate ocean plastic into our chairs, we continue to lead our industry and demonstrate that manufacturers can have a positive impact on our planet. 

Without careful consideration of materials and methods used when creating products, manufacturers are likely to add to the climate crisis as well as chemical pollution. Humanscale has demonstrated that manufacturing does not have to harm the climate, but rather it can help heal the planet. Through our efforts towards expanding our Ocean line, material transparency, and having 26 of our products deemed Climate Positive, we have shown our commitment towards becoming net positive.

Turning Recycled Fishing Nets into Chairs

As the worst kind of ocean plastic, old fishing nets can be detrimental to ocean life. Cleaning up our oceans will play an important role in working to end the climate crisis. In an effort to do our part for the planet, we partnered with programs that turn fishing nets removed from the ocean into plastic pellets. Our Ocean chairs, Liberty Ocean and Smart Ocean, are made with nearly two pounds of these recycled plastic pellets per chair. By buying just one chair, a consumer can help to remove dangerous plastics from our oceans. 

Our Commitment to Material Transparency

Materials matter. Consumers deserve to know what materials were used in the products they purchase. Humanscale is the clear leader in material transparency within the furniture industry. We work with our supplies to disclose every ingredient used in our products. It can be easy for companies to hide behind sustainability slogans when they choose not to disclose the materials used in their products. We believe in going the extra step and putting in the work to give consumers all the information they deserve about the products they purchase.

Certifying for Climate Positive

Along with our belief in material transparency, we are committed to creating products that have a positive impact on the Earth. We are the only company to have not only one, but twenty-six products with the Living Product Challenge Certification. We have proven through our sustainable manufacturing processes that it is possible to create Climate Positive products, and we encourage others in the industry to work towards this goal.

Despite all our efforts towards leaving a net positive impact on the Earth, as one company, we can only do so much. As we continue to realize our own sustainability goals, we encourage other companies to join us. Just imagine the impact we could have if all companies and consumers demanded better for our planet.

You can learn more about our line of Ocean chairs here. For more information on our 26 Climate Positive products, visit here.