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Explore home office ideas, make the best of your space or add some ergonomic accessories. Learn pro tips from Humanscale’s team of certified ergonomists to make working from home comfortable and productive.

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Things to Consider While Working From Home

Experiencing body aches or maybe even a little cabin fever? Check out these work from home tips from Humanscale’s team of certified ergonomists that will keep your mind and body healthy.

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Keep it moving! Alternating between sitting and standing can boost productivity and mood.

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Consider adding a simple desk lamp. Studies show that proper lighting can benefit decision making, emotions, and increase overall energy levels.

Work From Home Ergonomics

Work from Home Ergonomics

WFH Ergonomics Support

Humanscale's team of board-certified professional ergonomists provide virtual assessments, consultations and webinars to help preserve health and wellness while working from home.

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Ergo Tips

Tips on at home ergonomics

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Ergo Tip 1

Combat the postural risk of working on a laptop by using an adjustable laptop holder and external keyboard with keyboard tray.

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Ergo Tip 2

When typing, rest your palms – not your wrists – on a palm support.

Ergo Tip for External keyboards Gif

Ergo Tip 3

Working from home on a laptop? We recommended using external keyboards and mouse for optimal comfort.

Ergo Tip for Arm Rests Gif

Ergo Tip 4

No one needs added tension right now. While working, relax your shoulders by adjusting your armrests to elbow height.

Ergo Tip with Monitor Arm Gif

Ergo Tip 5

Improve your WFH posture and avoid repetitive twisting by keeping work tools aligned in their proper place.

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