How to Use Your Humanscale Keyboard System

Humanscale creates work tools that adapt to the user, not the other way around. Your keyboard system is designed to effortlessly accommodate you. Learn how to personalize it by watching the video below.

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Q: Why should I use the keyboard system?
The keyboard system is the centerpiece of the ergonomic workstation. It works in conjunction with a monitor arm and a task chair to literally bring the work to you. Even if you don't use a monitor arm, the keyboard system will allow you to be fully supported by your task chair.

By using the keyboard system, you'll help to reduce your risk for neck and back pain and work-related musculoskeletal disorders, such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Q: How do I install my keyboard system?
You can install your keyboard system by following these instructions.

Q: How is the Humanscale keyboard system different from other ones I've used (and disliked) in the past?
With the Humanscale keyboard system, you need not worry about banging your legs against a bulky mechanism. Rather, it's among the slimmest in the industry and provides plenty of knee clearance. Also, the ample adjustability of the keyboard system (at least five inches of height adjustment) enables you to position it in the best way to accommodate your body.

Q: Why should my keyboard be negatively sloped?
The negative slope of the keyboard keeps your wrists straight, free from extra pressure and in a neutral posture. It's among the safest postures your wrists can engage in.

Q: At what height should the keyboard tray be placed?
The keyboard tray should be placed one to two inches above the lap.

Q: How far away should the keyboard tray be from my desk?
You shouldn't pull the keyboard tray out farther than you need to access the keys and the mouse platform. The key is to get the body close enough to prevent you from reaching forward. Also, you should be close enough to the desk so that you're able to access your work tools and paper documents.

Q: At what angle should the keyboard tray be set?
It all depends on your personal preference, but the angle should be set between 0 and -15. You should position the angle so that, when you're sitting back in your chair, there's a straight line from your elbow down to your fingers.

Q: At what angle should my mouse be set in relation to my keyboard tray?
The mouse platform should be positioned as flat as possible. If it's tilted, the mouse may slide off. In addition, a tilted mouse platform may put strain on the wrist.

Q: Why isn't there a wrist support for the mouse?
While a palm support for your keyboard relieves pressure from the carpal tunnel region of your wrist, a wrist support in front of the mouse actually applies pressure to it, which would not be conducive to wrist health.

Q: Where should the armrests of my chair be when using a keyboard tray?
The palm support will support the weight of your arms. Then, you should lower the armrests so they are out of the way.

Q: I have a different model than the one displayed in the video. How do I adjust it?
In general, all Humanscale keyboard systems adjust in a similar manner. The length of the track, size and shape of the board and mouse platform may be different. You should be able to adjust it based upon the video tutorial.

The best ergonomic task chairs promote spontaneous movement and offer easy, intuitive operation. Humanscale's seating range automatically adjust to your body's needs with dynamic recline and lumbar support.

Monitor arms

Humanscale's monitor supports can be easily adjusted to allow for individual comfort, as well as effortless screen sharing for collaborative efforts. Whether you use one or multiple screens, these durable monitor arms complete your ergonomic workstation.

Task lighting is an integral part of the ergonomic workstation, and each of Humanscale's task lights provides exceptional levels of bright, comfortable light, whether you desire performance, efficiency, ease of use, or all of the above.

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How to Use Your Humanscale Keyboard System