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New Standard in Sustainability

From Ocean Waste

images depicting ocean waste being coverted to materials used to create Path chair

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Fishing nets and plastic containers collected from the ocean are used to create material that is used in the structural components throughout this chair.

Upcycled Materials, Massive Impact

Humanscale goes beyond conventional net zero targets towards net positivity. No other company qualifies for the level and number of independent certifications as Humanscale for:


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    Ocean Plastic
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    Plastic Bottles
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    Industrial Plastic Waste
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    Recycled Metals
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Ocean Reclaimed

Fishing nets are collected by local fishermen and are then processed into the major structural components of the chair, including the parts of the mechanism and the arms.

Weight Per Chair = 6.24 lbs

Ocean Bound

Path uses a variety of ocean-bound plastics, a majority of which comes from recycled yogurt cups. These materials are collected within 50km of coastlines, thus preventing potential damage to our oceans and their delicate ecosystems.

Weight Per Chair = 3.25 lbs

Good for You. Good for the Earth.


At Humanscale, we want to leave the world better than we found it, and better for you. Time is running out to be neutral. We are focused on having a net positive effect on the environment, and our mission is to give back more than we take.

We must consider every aspect of bringing a product to market – from material sourcing, to manufacturing processes, to delivery and use through end-of-life disassembly. It's no easy feat, which is why no other furniture manufacturer can make this claim.

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