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Path is not simply an exercise in aesthetics or an assembly of pre-existing components, rather it is ground up mechanical invention, material innovation, coupled with next-level sustainability.

– Todd Bracher, Path Designer

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FormSense Eco KnitTM

Equally as innovative as Path's design is our FormSense Eco KnitTM, a mesh-like textile providing self-adjusting lumbar support and a tailored fit to every user, regardless of their height or weight.

Each stitch is individually controlled, creating intricate and systematic patterns with targeted zones of tension.

Its yarn is made with 100% post-consumer recycled polyester from upcycled plastic bottles. Since it is knit exactly to the shape of the chair, it eliminates the need for cutting or sewing, and creates zero waste.

Part of Your World

Path was designed to feel warm and natural in most interior settings. Its simplified, softly rounded silhouette adapts to any environment, whether in-office or at home. Path can be customized with a range of textiles, including FormSense Eco KnitTM, fabric and leather.

Seating Innovation


Our ergonomic considerations, like our approach to sustainability, are industry best. Our chairs are designed for inclusivity of the 95th percentile of the population, ensuring a personalized fit to every body type.

Applying the laws of physics, our Gravity MechanismTM automatically adjusts recline support to each user, no bulky levers or knobs needed.

To complete the ergonomic design, we developed FormSense Eco KnitTM, a mesh-like textile where each stitch is individually controlled and creates patterns with targeted zones of tension to create a beautiful and beautifully responsive experience. FormSense Eco KnitTM conforms to the body, providing self-adjusted lumbar support and a tailored fit to every user, which makes Path the most individual custom fit chair in the industry.

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It's easy to make a chair look great when it comes out of the box. It is hard to make it look great after 8 to 10 years of heavy use. With this purpose, our design flows from function resulting in a chair that looks relevant after years of use. As with our efforts in sustainability and ergonomics, Humanscale tests our chairs beyond industry standard to ensure that our chairs look like new after 10 years.

  • Our seats, back and arms are replaceable without the need to discard the entire chair.
  • Unlike other brands, we do not use glue in upholstery process so our fabric won't delaminate or wrinkle over time.
  • Humanscale uses greaseless cylinders to ensure that dirt and grit doesn't build up and compromise the performance of the chair.


Complexity Simplified

Path builds on Humanscale's legacy of minimal, ergonomic and eco-conscious design, delivering "complexity simplified". Foregoing manual controls and springs, it provides streamlined support that adjusts automatically for each unique user. With no excess parts, Path is better for you and better for the environment.

Gravity MechanismTM

Each chair contains a mechanism that uses gravity and the sitter's own bodyweight rather than bulky knobs and levers. As you sit, the mechanism engages. When you recline, it gently lifts, so your body becomes the counterbalance to the chair, and is firmly supported wherever it stops. This creates a custom fit chair that moves completely in sync with you.


Chair Width: 23.82" (fixed) 24.41" (adjustable)
Base Width: 25"
Height: 34.65" - 39.76"
Chair Weight: Armless - 35.5 lbs With Arms - 41.6 lbs
Weight Capacity: 300 lbs


Designed in Collaboration with Todd Bracher Studio

Revital, an exclusive 3D Knit textile that is made 100% post-consumer recycled polyester, derived from upcycled plastic bottles.

RevitalSoft Black - Textile Swatch Soft Black
Revital Graphite - Textile Swatch Graphite
Revital Storm - Textile Swatch Storm
Revital Vapor - Textile Swatch Vapor
Revital Peacock - Textile Swatch Peacock
Revital Moss - Textile Swatch Moss
Revital Evergreen - Textile Swatch Evergreen
Revital Midnight- Textile Swatch Midnight
Revital Blue Steel - Textile Swatch Blue Steel
Revital Wine - Textile Swatch Wine
Revital Terracotta - Textile Swatch Terracotta

Textile Grade 1 | Designed by Elizabeth Whelan

A durable and long-lasting textile made to withstand high-traffic consumer environments. 35% polyurethane face, 65% nylon backing.

- Textile Swatch Black
- Textile Swatch White
- Textile Swatch Shale
- Textile Swatch Hematite
- Textile Swatch Walnut
- Textile Swatch Umber
- Textile Swatch Ochre
- Textile Swatch Verdant
- Textile Swatch Navy
- Textile Swatch Plum
- Textile Swatch Crocus
- Textile Swatch Eggplant
- Textile Swatch Earth Red
- Textile Swatch Lucky Red

Leather Grade 3 | Chrome-free leather

A semi-aniline dyed full grain leather embossed lightly for a consistent, uniform grain structure. Manufactured without chromium.

- Textile Swatch Onyx
- Textile Swatch Java
- Textile Swatch Midnight
- Textile Swatch Jasper
- Textile Swatch Saddle
- Textile Swatch Mineral

Leather Grade 1 | Chrome-free leather

A leather created to provide a more natural aesthetic while ensuring the leather remains as unique as the hide itself. Manufactured without chromium.

- Textile Swatch Obsidian
- Textile Swatch Umber
- Textile Swatch Canyon
- Textile Swatch Charcoal
- Textile Swatch Pebble
- Textile Swatch Sand
- Textile Swatch Glacier
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