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V6 Wall Station

designed by the Humanscale Design Studio

The V6 technology wall station combines exceptional space-savings with leading ergonomic design for comfortable caregiver computer use in any posture. The V6 supports a monitor and keyboard—along with hardware, shelves and accessories—within an ergonomic adjustment range for easy positioning to provide a healthy computing experience and encourage engagement with patients. Its sealed cable management system also promotes organization and mitigates infection-control concerns.

About V6 Wall Station

The V6 technology wall station makes care giving simple, so the caregiver can focus on what matters: the patient. It also features a sophisticated and customizable cable management system for easier cleaning. The V6’s calming, streamlined aesthetic complements the modern healthcare environment.

Revolutionizing Patient Care

Flexible monitor arm options support patient-caregiver interactions. With a wide range of adjustability, the V6 accommodates most users in sitting and standing positions, while also encouraging comfortable and convenient computer use.

Intelligent Customization

The V6 offers numerous monitor and keyboard arm lengths for ultimate versatility. It can be configured with an accessory mount or rail to support peripheral shelves and mounts for gloves, wipes and other common items.

Sophisticated Cable Management

The V6’s sophisticated cable management system reduces infection-control concerns and prevents the ingress of liquids. As a result, it has a streamlined aesthetic, which features aluminum and a neutral color palette to complement any healthcare space.

Design Story

The V6 technology wall station was engineered and designed by the Humanscale Design Studio specifically for the healthcare market. An innovative healthcare solution, the V6 fosters effortless patient-caregiver interactions and its advanced cable management is essential in the modern healthcare space. The design asthetic is complementary and calming for any healthcare environment.


Finish Options

Available in White

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