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M/Flex, Humanscale’s multi-monitor arm system, can go from one to six monitors in minutes, without the need for tools. M/Flex can integrate with any standard work surface through a wide number of attachments on a single post—seamlessly transforming a traditional workspace into a dynamic, ergonomic workstation.

Unlike conventional monitor arm systems, M/Flex has a small footprint and its aesthetic won’t overpower the existing workspace. Its modular design and strength ensure exceptional performance. As monitors continue to evolve, M/Flex’s versatility makes it the perfect multi-monitor solution for a changing technology landscape.


These best-selling configurations are also available for expedited delivery.

About M/Flex

The M/Flex allows the user to work in a healthy posture by setting the monitor at an optimal distance and height. Collaboration is made easier through effortless screen sharing and increased desk space. The most scalable system on the market, M/Flex can be easily reconfigured as needed by adding or removing monitors.



Innovative Design

The M/Flex multi-monitor arm system allows the user to simply swap attachments to suit their changing technology needs while retaining a sleek, minimal aesthetic.  Manufactured primarily from recycled aluminum, M/Flex is as recyclable as it is beautiful.

Greater Versatility

M/Flex offers the most versatile, modular multi-monitor system available. By lifting up to six monitors—up to 20 lbs. each—off the work surface, M/Flex frees up valuable desk space, helping to preserve the existing office aesthetics. M/Flex’s removable 180-degree stop also protects walls and panels

Unparalleled Customization

M/Flex offers effortless adjustment and enables easy, spontaneous configurations. With its plug-and-play customization, M/Flex allows users to add monitor arms, attachments and accessories as needed. M/Flex is the perfect addition to the modern and constantly evolving workspace and, when paired with the M/Connect™ monitor arm base, users can completely eliminate cable clutter and gain easy access to USB ports and high-speed charging.

Customer Reviews

The product itself: I have now had this for over a month, with more than 12 hours of daily use. Build quality is superb. It's sturdy, it does not wobble, and it easily holds both my 32" and my 27" monitors; it's also quite heavy. Positioning and repositioning the monitors, and finding the perfect angle for both a single and multiple users is a breeze. Great tilt angles. Cable management is good. Customer service: Customer service was of great help in choosing the right setup for my needs, and I couldn't have asked for more. Shipping & assembly: Since it was a custom order it took a couple of weeks for it to be built, but once it was built, I had it in a day or two. The package was easy to open. It was well secured and protected inside the box. Setting up the arm was practically plug and play.
Christian E.     7 days ago
Easy install
great product and worth the price. very easy to install. I recommend it for anyone that has limited space and multi screens
Frederic A.     3 months ago
Quality product
Very sturdy construction and built to handle daily office abuse. Glad i splurged on this. Feels like the arms were built to last a lifetime.
Kim W.     3 months ago
Not yet installed
Although I have not yet installed this equipment, there is no doubt in my mind it will do an effective job in holding (2) computer monitors for dual usage. All items I have purchased from Humanscale have been more than satisfactory.
Stephen M.     11 days ago
need more vertical and radial movements in the arms. sometimes shaky
CHELSEY F.     3 months ago
Excellent addition to any office
This product has greatly improved my desk space by keeping my desk open for my work. I work with multiple screens and have not found any other product that comes close to what the Humanscale provides for strength and durability. Well worth the investment!!
Kevin D.     3 months ago

Design Story

M/Flex was designed by the Humanscale Design Studio to be the world’s most flexible and scalable multi-monitor arm system. The team wanted to make a system that was simple to alter, easy to install and expand and that meets the changing technological demands of workspaces.

Finish Options

Polished Aluminum with White Trim

Silver with Gray Trim

Black with Black Trim

Polished Aluminum with White Trim

Silver with Gray Trim

Black with Black Trim

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