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M8 Crossbar

designed by the Humanscale Design Studio

The M8’s high weight capacity allows it to easily accommodate dual-monitor applications. Using the optional crossbar, the M8 monitor arm supports two monitors—each weighing up to 20 lbs.—arranged side-by-side. The M8 offers easy adjustment and a sleek, modern aesthetic to complement the contemporary workstation.


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About M8 Crossbar

With an extreme weight capacity, the M8 with optional crossbar is the perfect solution for customized workspaces. Dual monitors mounted to the M8 crossbar adjust simultaneously for easy repositioning and excellent ergonomics. Unlike other high-capacity monitor arms with bulky designs, the M8 with crossbar offers easy adjustment and flawless ergonomic function in a sleek and modern articulating monitor arm.

Two is Better Than One

The M8 monitor arm with crossbar offers unparalleled configuration for dual monitors. The side-by-side monitors can be adjusted independently for perfect alignment with a built-in fine-tune adjustor, creating easy viewing and a smooth aesthetic. The user can easily re-position the entire configuration, improving the ergonomics of the multiple-user workstation.

Robust Construction, Effortless Movement

The M8 monitor arm with crossbar can handle the vast majority of monitors on the market. Its rugged, high-capacity construction features design considerations like a quick release ball joint for easy monitor installation and removal and an integrated cable management system to reduce unsightly cable clutter. It also has a 180-degree stop mechanism that prevents wall damage from over rotation.

Plug-and-Play Customization

Like all of Humanscale’s monitor arms, the M8 features interchangeable links for additional reach. Customizable add-ons include clamp, bolt-through, universal slatwall, and wall stud mounting options, as well as an optional notebook holder. VESA plates support all monitors with 75mm and 100mm VESA hole patterns. M8 with crossbar is also compatible with M/Connect™, a USB 3.0, monitor arm base and docking station that eliminates desktop clutter, conceals IT connections and provides easy access to user ports.

Customer Reviews

Beautifully made, expensive
I shopped really carefully for this dual monitor arm. It is incredibly highly engineered and works really nicely. A detail to look out for is that the vesa mounts on my HP monitors sit quite low- with which the minimum height is a bit high. I resolved this by omitting the middle segment of the M8 arm. Overall, a high end product for a high end price!
Luke D.     5 months ago
Be careful to select the correct mounting bracket for your monitor
It isn't always obvious which one you need
Doug G.     9 months ago
Having both monitors on the same arm really makes moving them wherever I need them much easier. They stay aligned with each other.
Russell H.     9 months ago
Adjustable and great fit!
When I ordered this for one college, two others had to have it! We love them for our desks. It's a great fit, takes up less room on your desk, unlike other monitors. Adjustable, and just the right height!
Allison B.     9 months ago

Design Story

Created by the Humanscale Design Studio, the M8 with optional crossbar was built and engineered to offer a high performance monitor arm for any environment. Its ease of use, durability and strength make it the perfect solution for the dynamic, constantly changing workplace.


Finish Options

Polished Aluminum with White Trim

Silver with Gray Trim

Black with Black Trim

Polished Aluminum with White Trim

Silver with Gray Trim

Black with Black Trim

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