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M8 Monitor Arm

designed by the Humanscale Design Studio

By redefining the capabilities of a monitor arm, Humanscale created the M8, which combines incredible weight capacity with a stylish, slim profile. Like all of Humanscale's best-selling monitor arms, the M8 allows the user to work in a healthy posture through setting one or multiple monitors at an optimal distance and height. Collaboration is made easier through effortless screen sharing and increased desk space.

Through its fusion of flexibility and strength, the M8 accommodates any single or dual monitor configuration weighing up to 40 lbs. Unlike other high-capacity monitor arms with bulky designs, the M8 offers easy adjustment and flawless ergonomic function in an articulating monitor arm.


These best-selling configurations are also available for expedited delivery.

About M8 Monitor Arm

Thanks to a clever combination of friction axles and an internal counterbalance mechanism, the M8’s robust design easily accommodates heavy monitors while also providing the flexibility to support monitors weighing as little as 8 lbs. The M8 is versatile enough to meet the ever-changing demands of today’s workplace.


The M8 monitor arm can handle the vast majority of monitors on the market today.  With the ability to hold single monitors ranging from 8 to 40 lbs., the M8’s high weight capacity also makes it ideal for supporting dual-monitor applications. Using an optional crossbar support, the M8 accommodates two monitors each weighing up to 20 lbs.

Robust Construction, Effortless Movement

The M8 features considerations like a quick release ball joint for easy monitor installation and removal and an integrated cable management system. It also has a 180-degree stop mechanism that prevents wall damage from over rotation.

Plug-and-Play Customization

Like all of Humanscale’s monitor arms, the M8 features interchangeable links for additional reach. Customizable add-ons include clamp, bolt-through, universal slatwall, and wall stud mounting options, as well as an optional notebook holder.  VESA plates support all monitors with 75mm and 100mm VESA hole patterns. M8 is also compatible with M/Connect™, a USB 3.0, monitor arm base and docking station that eliminates desktop clutter, conceals IT connections and provides easy access to user ports.

Customer Reviews

Best large format monitor arm on the market
I use this arm to support a 43 inch 4K display, and it makes it effortless to manage such a large screen. The stability is great, and the arm has the right range of adjustability to control the monitor with a single finger despite the size. Truly the best on the market!
Tyler S.     5 months ago
Sleek and sturdy support for large monitor
I had first seen someone else with a Humanscale mount and asked them for the manufacturer name because the design stood out to me. I was looking for something sleek and sturdy that could support my large work monitor while also fitting in with a minimal/modern desk. If someone else is at my desk, it is convenient to swivel the screen if I need to show them something. Glad to share that everything is working as hoped; I recommend this product.
Anthony P.     8 months ago
Great product
The product is great no complaints.
James A.     8 months ago
Transformed my Desk
Excellent monitor arm that makes my workspace much more usable. The polished aluminum looks great and the construction is top notch. The bottom mount tends to some friction so it doesn't swing left/right as easily as I'd like. I'm using a 10 lb LG ultrafine monitor and wouldn't hesitate to buy another.
Bill R.     5 months ago
Built to Last
Great product. Very high quality and well engineered.
Joe R.     8 months ago
Strong and solid
I bought this to support a 27 inch iMac. Considering the weight of a large all-in-one computer, I didn't want to take any chances on a good flexible arm with solid support. This has been the perfect compliment to my iMac.
Robert S.     8 months ago

Design Story

Created by the Humanscale Design Studio, the M8 was built and engineered to offer a high performance monitor arm for any environment. Its ease of use, durability and strength make it the perfect solution for the dynamic, constantly changing workplace.


Finish Options

Polished Aluminum with White Trim

Silver with Gray Trim

Black with Black Trim

Polished Aluminum with White Trim

Silver with Gray Trim

Black with Black Trim

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