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designed by Don Chadwick

Ballo is designer Don Chadwick’s vision of what a multipurpose stool should be—fun, engaging and perfect for short-term, active sitting in the home or office. With a compact central column and lightweight air-filled domes, Ballo is an imaginative take on traditional ball chairs, supporting flexibility and freedom of movement. Available in a variety of vibrant colors, Ballo has a dynamic nature that allows it to integrate into a wide range of environments. 


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About Ballo

Studies show that comfortable employees are happier and more productive. In the modern workplace, the ability to move is increasingly important for overall comfort and well-being. Ballo makes movement effortless, while its lightweight design makes it easy to transport for spontaneous use.  

Playful Productivity

Ballo combines functional, innovative design with the playfulness of an exercise ball. Its counterweighted base helps Ballo remain upright for stable movement and convenient storage. The result is a multipurpose stool that allows users to move with ease.

Lightweight Flexibility

Weighing just 13.5 pounds and fitted with hand-holds for easy portability, Ballo is the perfect match for any space where short-term sitting and flexibility are priorities. It’s the ideal multipurpose stool for collaboration spaces, cafeterias and reception areas, as well as traditional workspaces and home offices. 

A Lasting Solution

Ballo was designed to stand the test of time. Its classic design and durable materials make it a valuable investment for any space. Made from non-slip TPV material, Ballo’s symmetrical top domes are easy to clean and its compact shape makes storage simple. 


I have been faced with back problems for several years. I’ve tried chairs,  stools, kneeling apparatuses, bouncy apparatuses, and plain standing but nothing  compares to the fast recovery and increased strength I have experienced with Ballo.  Ballo is sturdy and well-built which means I can actually do bending and balancing  on it that I couldn’t do with other products. Not only is it strength building  it also provides a stretch that is hard to get by other means. - Pete J., Chiropractic Patient

Customer Reviews

Turns your glutes from mush into rock!
I had several years of chronic back issues, stemming from poor posture. I never had the time to work out and strengthen my core so I decided to change my seating. Ballo was there to help and I haven't felt this strong since college! I am glad I made the decision to do something about my pathetic posture and get stronger by using it every day. If you want a good workout, get a Ballo!
Peter A.     8 months ago
This product provides the user ability to utilize their core musculature for best posture. This product is superior to the Ball chairs, especially since there is no loss of air.
Leo B.     8 months ago
I use my ballo alternately with my regular task chair and my posture has really improved. Plus it's a great second seat for guests who want to sit close to my desk.
Angela H.     8 months ago
Great product!
This is a great product! We have 5 around our office and people use them very regularly. They are comfortable and the supplied air pumps allow for easy adjustment of the "firmness".
David S.     8 months ago
Clever, comfortable and ensures good posture.
I sold my $1700 Herman Miller chair and bought a Ballo to replace it!! Best thing I ever did. It is so comfortable and promotes good posture and body movement to keep me active at my desk. No more back or leg pain from sitting at my desk. It does need air to be added on occasion to maintain proper inflation, but that is easy maintenance that I can live with. Highly recommended.
Ryan T.     8 months ago
No more pain
This may look silly, but after a few months of use. I no longer have back pain issues and enjoy being at my desk in my chair.
Laura P.     8 months ago

Design Story

The Ballo stool was created by renowned industrial designer Don Chadwick to promote workspace flexibility, freedom of movement and comfort. Meaning “to dance” in Italian, Ballo conjures a sense of movement, fluidity and grace. The ultimate multipurpose stool, Ballo is the perfect partner for the modern workspace. 


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