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Tech Tray

Humanscale’s Tech Tray is designed to accommodate the growing use of portable technology in the workplace, including laptop computers, tablets, e-readers, and cell phones. It offers extra workspace and storage, while keeping your hardware protected. 


These best-selling configurations are also available for expedited delivery.

About Tech Tray

A simple solution for technology access and storage, the Humanscale Tech Tray helps to organize and optimize a workspace by getting technology off the desk. Sized to easily hold a laptop with a docking station, the Tech Tray will keep portable technology items out of sight and safe from any desktop spills.

Optimal Size

The Humanscale Tech Tray features a large platform that is 12” wide and 14” deep to accommodate all portable technology, while still ensuring it can be conveniently stowed under a desk.

Easy Storage

The Tech Tray offers a 22” track that fits under all desks with ease and allows for quick access. The complete unit fits within 3.5” of the underside of the desk to ensure plenty of leg clearance.

Desk Addition

The Humanscale Tech Tray can be attached underneath any desk with the screws provided.

Customer Reviews

Very high quality tray - the design is as aesthetically pleasing and holds items very well.
Steven S.     5 months ago
needed this
I was having a hard time finding something to put my docked laptop on away from my desktop. I need all the space I can get on my worksurface since real estate is at a premium!
Katie B.     5 months ago
Tech Tracy to the rescue
As I was setting up my desk area, I had to find a spot for my docking station and laptop. That is where the Tech Tray came to my rescue. I attached it near my cable manager and have sleek look to my setup.
Brenda M.     5 months ago
This is a great piece of hardware and finally was able to get the laptop off my desk. Worth every penny.
Tim P.     5 months ago
perfect fit
The Tech tray was a quick and easy installation and the perfect size for my laptop. Kept it conveniently close yet out of the way freeing up valuable desk space. The best office investment I have made yet.
Les B.     5 months ago

Design Story

The Humanscale Design Studio is committed to creating products that make workspaces more comfortable. The Tech Tray was designed to be both sleek and stylish and easy to use.


Finish Options

Available in Aluminum



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