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designed by the Humanscale Design Studio

Para/Flex is the ultimate computer support solution for trading floors and large data centers. Designed to be easy to install and reconfigure, it offers flexible ergonomic viewing of up to eight monitors on a single mount. Monitors can be added or removed quickly and easily, as Para/Flex expands and collapses with almost no effort.


These best-selling configurations are also available for expedited delivery.

About Para/Flex

Crossbar wings on Para/Flex can either unfold to accommodate three or four monitors, or fold away to hide behind one or two monitors. Offering a number of versatile viewing options, ParaFlex is ideal for multiple-monitor environments.




Highly Customizable

Para/Flex is the most flexible, user-friendly multi-monitor display on the market for data intense environments, making it ideal for trading floors. Its highly customizable design accommodates up to eight monitors, while the integrated upper row adjusts and reconfigures using a self-contained locking mechanism that requires no additional tools or parts. Designed for instant reconfiguration, Para/Flex allows for quick and easy moves, additions and changes.

Solid Construction

Built for absolute strength, Para/Flex supports a variety of monitor sizes and weights. The design creates a flat, linear display or smooth, parabolic display and accommodates visually interesting configuration options. In addition, a cable management system eliminates unsightly cable clutter.

Complete Ease of Use

Para/Flex transforms from two to eight monitors with no tools or additional parts, and features a hand crank with dual-gear mechanism to facilitate easy height adjustment of the entire display. An independent crossbar height adjustment accommodates any monitor height in landscape or portrait view, while crossbar wings unfold to accommodate three or more monitors and fold away to hide behind one or two monitors.

Customer Reviews

Exactly what I needed

Marcus L.     3 months ago

Design Story

A creation of the Humanscale Design Studio, Para/Flex answers the need for flexible multi-monitor displays. Ease of configuration was front of mind for the design team, who ensured Para/Flex could be customized for any setting or workspace without the use of tools.


Finish Options

Available in Silver or Black





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