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M2 ® Monitor Arm

designed by the Humanscale Design Studio

Designed to suit a range of settings, the M2 allows the user to bring their work to them, versus having to adjust to a static monitor stand. M2’s articulating arm options offer effortless height and depth adjustment, and support a wide range of flat-panel screens that weigh 3.6 – 9 kg  (8 - 20 lbs.).

Instead of using a gas cylinder to counterbalance the weight of the monitor, the M2 monitor arm uses extension-spring technology. Without clunky mechanisms to complicate the design, the M2 offers uncompromising, long-term durability and an ultra-thin design that complements flat-panel monitors and attachments for a truly flexible workstation.


These best-selling configurations are also available for expedited delivery.

About M2 ® Monitor Arm

The M2 embodies what a monitor arm should be, allowing the user to work in a healthy posture by setting the monitor at an optimal distance and height. Collaboration is made easier through effortless screen sharing, and desk space is increased. The M2’s seamless cable management and minimal design enhances the look of any workstation.

Less Is More

Made of steel and aluminum, M2 has fewer moving parts than other articulating monitor arms and no gas cylinder. This means an ultra-thin profile and longer life span than traditional gas-spring models. While quality and longevity are guaranteed, every M2 monitor arm is backed by Humanscale’s robust 15-year, 24/7 warranty.

Flexible Intuition

With an arm reach of 510mm (20”), height adjustment of 255mm (10”) and an additional 305mm (12”) link, M2 also features a removable 180-degree stop that protects walls and panels. Offered with flexible arm options that can support monitors weighing 1.8 - 9 kg (4 to 20 lbs.), the M2 is one of the most versatile monitor arms available.

A New Level of Customization

Add-on options include multiple surface attachments and the M2 Light, a notebook holder that can accommodate 9”-14” laptops. Interchangeable mounting options, such as clamp, bolt through and slatwall mounts, and a variety of VESA plates to accommodate multiple monitor types, are also available. For an even more enhanced computing experience, M2 can be paired with M/Connect™, a USB 3.0, monitor arm base and docking station that eliminates desktop clutter, conceals IT connections and provides easy access to user ports.

Customer Reviews

Great Product
I have a large LG curved screen and the M2 has been great! We have added 10+ of these around the office and they are a great dependable product.
Nathan B.     5 months ago
Excellent Monitor Arms with Style
I have used other Monitor Arms these are the best on the Market. I can adjust them to any angle with little effort and with out getting out of my chair. The sleek style of the Monitor Arms add a contemporary look to my office.
Sandra W.     8 months ago
Fantastic monitor arm
Works great for our 30" LCD monitors. The various options for mounting the base is awesome. We've used the type that clamps to the edge of a desk, and one that mounts in an existing cable hole. Highly recommended.
K H.     8 months ago
Clear your desk
If you want an uncluttered desk top get a M2
Adam M.     5 months ago
Great product
Great space saver and good quality product
Ahsan S.     8 months ago
Beautiful and Powerful
It's beatiful, and can be adjusted to any weight monitor that I would contemplate. Love it.
Steven F.     8 months ago

Design Story

Designed and developed by the Humanscale Design Studio, the M2 was created to suit any workspace and add ergonomic versatility to the workstation. The M2 was built to offer exceptional performance and durability in a lightweight, ultra-thin design.


Finish Options

Polished Aluminum with White Trim

Silver with Gray Trim

Black with Black Trim

Polished Aluminum with White Trim

Silver with Gray Trim

Black with Black Trim

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