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Keyboard Systems

designed by George Mileos x Humanscale
In many ways, a keyboard support is the heart of an ergonomic workstation. As reach and vision drive posture, an articulating keyboard system allows the user to sit in a healthy, neutral posture through bringing the keyboard and mouse to the user. A well-designed articulating keyboard system offers protection from carpal tunnel syndrome, neck and back pain and other musculoskeletal issues. Since 1999, Humanscale has been the leading manufacturer of articulating keyboard systems and today sells more than all other manufacturers combined.


These best-selling configurations are also available for expedited delivery.

About Keyboard Systems

"A decade of ergonomic research shows that using a negative sloped adjustable keyboard tray maximises the time spent working in a neutral hand, wrist and upper body postures.  These postural benefits can’t be achieved by just using a keyboard on a height-adjustable work surface."

Dr. Alan Hedge, Cornell University

Effortless Use

Humanscale patented keyboard systems have effortless height and angle adjustment.  Promoting negative tilt keying, the keyboard platforms will not go into a positive tilt. 


Humanscale keyboard trays are solidly anchored to any work surface, and shape to specific user needs.  Hypoallergenic Gel palm supports offer height and durability, and are designed to be compatible with human skin. 


Humanscale offers three negative-tilt keyboard systems, from 5G to our latest 6G, which combines easy dial-a-tilt and height adjustability with the strongest, most stable arm on the market.  Humanscale keyboard supports come in many different configurations, including left/right customisation, to support any user need.

Customer Reviews

Making A Difference
I've suffered from persistent tendonitis for years, and this keyboard is a huge help. It makes a difference when you spend hours every day on a computer.
Nancy F.     6 months ago
works great - very adaptable

Jeri B.     6 months ago
Works great.
Chuck V.     7 months ago
A perfect fit.
Ergonomic design a perfect fit for me and my shoulder and neck issues. Almost immediate relief once installed. Easy installation.
Patricia C.     6 months ago
Keyboard Tray 6G es Excelente
Desde hace un mes estoy utilizando el keyboard tray 6G de HumanScale, y debo admitir que superó mis expectativas que tenía hacia este sistema de soporte de teclado. En mi trabajo paso más de 8 horas al día sentado frente al computador. Antes de utilizar el sistema 6G tenía dolores en la muñena de mi mano derecha, luego de usar este sistema, el dolor desapareció, y el usar el teclado y el mouse, en realidad es una actividad que pasó de ser incomoda y, en ocasiones, dolorosa, a una actividad que no me genera ningún tipo de molestia. El sistema 6G me facilita adecuar el teclado y el mouse a la altura ergonomicamente conveniente a mi postura con respecto a la silla. Agradezo a Adriana Guerrero de HumanScale por la excelente asesoría y atención brindada durante el proceso de adquisión, así como el estar presente en el momento de la instalación del sistema e indicarme cuál es la forma correcta de usar el 6G y la correcta postura que debo tener al momento de trabajar. De igual forma, doy las gracias Scanform SA, partner de HumanScale, por haberme facilitado la adquisión del sistema 6G. En resumen, estoy muy complacido por haber adquirido el Keyboard Tray 6G de HumanScale.
Alexander I.     6 months ago
I like the keyboard rest and the ability to push underneath the desk. However, I would prefer it to move further underneath the desk when not in use.
Denise H.     9 months ago

Design Story

An ergonomically designed keyboard is essential for every workstation. Ergonomists agree that the healthiest typing posture is one that allows the wrists to maintain a neutral or slightly pronated posture – straight or bent at a slightly downward angle. For that reason, Humanscale designers created our keyboard systems to allow the keyboard to positioned anywhere from 0 degrees to a -15 degree angle.

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