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Freedom Headrest

Designed by Niels Diffrient

Described by The New York Times as "the gold standard in office seating," the Freedom chair redefines the concept of traditional task chairs. Designer Niels Diffrient aimed to design an office chair that automatically adapts to the user, allowing them to move freely from posture to posture. Diffrient’s unique approach removed complexities found in other chairs, such as cumbersome recline levers and back tension dials for a truly ergonomic task chair. As a result, he developed a recline mechanism that perfectly adjusts to the user, definitively reinventing modern task seating to be truly simple, functional and beautiful.


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About Freedom Headrest

With innovative recline that provides constant support and a pivoting backrest that automatically adjusts to the needs of the spine, the Freedom chair is exceptionally comfortable and promotes movement throughout the day. Its refined and sculpted cushions were designed to mimic the body’s natural contours and decrease pressure point loads for premium comfort. Like all Humanscale chairs, the Freedom chair was designed to look and function like new after years of consistent use.

Articulating Headrest

The Freedom chair features a dynamic, articulating headrest to support the head and neck as users recline. It moves with the sitter, so they can change postures without making manual adjustments and stay comfortable in any position.

Self Adjusting Recline

Freedom eliminates the need for traditional recline mechanisms, which can be bulky and weigh up to 15 pounds. Instead, Freedom uses the sitter’s body weight and the laws of physics to perfectly and automatically adjust recline support for each individual.

Synchronous Armrests

Freedom's body-friendly armrests move up and down together, staying with the user during recline for continuous comfort and support.  Unlike other chair designs, Freedom's armrests are attached to the back of the chair to ensure synchronous use.

Customer Reviews

Essential for any job I take-I bring it with me
I have had scoliosis surgery, I have herniated discs-allover regular back problems. This chair fits my body like a glove and gives support everywhere it's needed. We actually had an office ergonomics professional come in and do my height/weight and recommend this chair. It has been moved a few times over some long distances and the wheels are fine. I've had the chair about 10+ years. I came into work this Monday and the custodian had shoved it under my desk. When I pulled the chair out, there was a rip in the arm material. I just casually looked up the website to see if I could figure out if it was vinyl or if I could glue it and low and behold the arms are STILL under warranty. Lisa (via chat) had me smiling ear to ear. Can't say enough about the quality of the product and the customer service. Buy it-you'll be happy you invested in your body.
Allison A.     1 month ago
Head's Comfort
it's the best office chair I've ever had.
simon t.     6 months ago
Amazing chair!
I suffer from lower back pain and have worked my way through many chairs -- the kneeling chair, the exercise ball chair, a mesh super adjustable "techy" chair. It wasn't until I bought the humanscale freedom headrest chair that I found a chair I could use all day long.
Sean C.     6 months ago
The most AMAZING chair!
I bought this chair well over a decade now, & it's still going strong. It really is what other chairs only aspire to. Just like they say, it's simplicity is both its beauty & its function. You won't be disappointed.
John F.     6 months ago
Great Chair
Chair works perfectly for my height 6.3' Tried different chairs before and this works best for my body.
Pete K.     6 months ago
The Mercedes of chairs!
I ordered this chair for my home workspace because I had developed tendonitis in both shoulders from sitting at my computer day in and day out on an ordinary dining room chair. Now, thanks to the chair (and a lot of physical therapy), my condition has improved markedly, and every time I take a seat, I feel ensconced in luxury and comfort.
Jacqueline D.     6 months ago

Design Story

“With the airplane you learn a lot about how to deal with the air, for a chair you have to learn a lot about how to deal with the body, and what the body needs, wants, indicates it needs. And that's the way, ultimately after some ups and downs, I ended up designing [Freedom].”

Niels Diffrient, Designer

Inspired to create a revolutionary office chair that adjusted automatically to whoever sat in it, Niels Diffrient designed the Freedom chair. Diffrient had always had a passion for aviation, growing up drawing and building model planes. In his 2002 TED talk, in which he shared the processes behind the design of Freedom, he explained how the disciplines connected.


Textile Options

Durable and modern, Freedom’s striking form is intended to stand the test of time. Made from environmentally conscious materials, Freedom was engineered for comfort and longevity. 





Soft and supple with a distinctively flexible weave, Wave is a four-way stretch fabric that creates a form-fitting layer on the cushion. Its deep earth tones are inspired by nature's hues.
Textile Grade 1

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