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Flat Panel Privacy Filter

Specifically designed for today’s flat panel LCD monitors, our Flat Panel Filters are easy to install and feature six layers of superior optical coating on each side to reduce up to 99% of glares and reflections. 

About Flat Panel Privacy Filter

With long workdays now spent in front of computers, a monitor filter is an effective way to protect eyes. The Humanscale Flat Panel Filters are effortlessly installed to flat panel LCD monitors, and come in a Standard or Privacy design.

Optical Protection

The six layers of superior optical coating on both sides of Humanscale Flat Panel Filters are molecularly bonded to glass using vacuum deposition technology. The coating meets American Optometric Association requirements for long-term eye protection.

Sleek Design

The minimalist design of the Flat Panel Filters was developed to maintain monitor aesthetic. The filters are easily installed using adjustable brackets and fit monitors up to 2” thick.

Opt for Privacy

Featuring the same level of glare reduction and eye protection as our Standard Filter, the Flat Panel Privacy Filter also provides additional privacy for viewing sensitive on-screen information. Ideal for healthcare environments or any other situation that calls for viewing private information, our Privacy Filters shield the screen from everyone except the person sitting directly in front of it.

Design Story

The Humanscale Design Studio created the Flat Panel Filters to reduce optical glare from LCD monitors. The designers worked with ergonomists on the development of the product to ensure reduction of 99% of glares and reflections.

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