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Liberty Side > Build


- Fixed Duron Arms

more info
6 - Fixed Duron Arms (+90.00)

Description for - Fixed Duron Arms goes here

0 - Armless
X - Fixed Duron Gel Arms (+110.00)
7 Fixed Duron Arms with Textile (+110.00)
M Fixed Gel Arms with Textile (+140.00)

Frame Color:

- Black with Black Trim

more info
B - Black with Black Trim

Description for - Black with Black Trim goes here

V - Silver with Silver Trim
L - Silver with Black Trim
A - Polished Aluminum w/Black Trim (+73.00)
P - Polished Aluminum w/Silver Trim (+73.00)

Back Mesh:

- Monofilament Stripe

more info
M - Monofilament Stripe

Description for - Monofilament Stripe goes here

C - Silver Check
N - Pinstripe
A - Dash
J - Catena

Mesh Color:


Seat Mesh/Textile:

- Wave

more info
W - Wave (+60.00)

Description for - Wave goes here

A - Dash
F - Ginkgo (+80.00)
M - Monofilament Stripe
J - Catena
V - Vellum (+60.00)
N - Pinstripe
K - Lotus (+60.00)
D - Sensuede (+100.00)
CF - Corde 4 (+60.00)

Seat Color:



Individually Boxed

more info
- Individually Boxed

Description for Individually Boxed goes here

B - Blanket Wrapped

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