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Diffrient Technology Light > Build


- Work Shade with Single Arm

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DTECH1E - Work Shade with Single Arm

Description for - Work Shade with Single Arm goes here

DTECH2E - Work Shade with Double Arm (+15.00)
DTECHT1E - Task Shade with Single Arm
DTECHT2E - Task Shade with Double Arm (+15.00)

Base Features:

- 2 Outlets

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P - 2 Outlets

Description for - 2 Outlets goes here


- Silver (S)

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S - Silver (S)

Description for - Silver (S) goes here

B - Black (B)


- 18W, 3500K, E26 socket

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1 - 18W, 3500K, E26 socket

Description for - 18W, 3500K, E26 socket goes here

A 18W, 3500K, GU24 base
C 13W, 3500K, GU24 base
3 - 13W, 3500K
D 9W, 3500K, GU24 base
E 18W, 2700K, GU24 base
4 - 9W, 3500K
6 - 18W, 2700K
0 - No bulb (-5.00)

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