WFH Ergonomics in the Era of Hybrid Work

Webinar Previously Held

Thursday, March 16 | 12-1PM EST

The findings of last month's Wellness & Ergonomics survey paint a clear picture - since WFH became standard, bad work habits have spiked. As a result, issues like neck pain, eye strain, and lower back pain are rapidly on the rise.

How can we optimize our new ways of working for daily comfort and long-term health? To answer that, we're thrilled to welcome world-renowned author and ergonomics expert Dr. Alan Hedge for a deep dive into the science of design and work ergonomics.

On March 16th, join Humanscale and Dr. Hedge to learn the small, simple changes that can make a big difference in how we work and how we feel. With WFH here to stay, these tips have never been more valuable.

Following the 45–minute discussion, there will be a 15–minute live Q&A.

Our Expert

Dr. Alan Hedge, Professor Emeritus, PhD, CPE, C.Erg.HF

Dr. Alan Hedge

Professor Emeritus, Cornell University; PhD, CPE, C.Erg.HF

Dr. Alan Hedge is a world-renowned ergonomics and indoor air quality expert with over 4 decades of experience on these topics. He was a professor in Department of Design and Environmental Analysis at Cornell University for over 30 years and is now Professor Emeritus. He is an extensively published author with 4 books and over 250 publications. Hedge is often cited in the national and international media and has appeared on innumerable TV and radio programs - a President of the International Ergonomics Association recently noted "he is perhaps the most often cited ergonomist in the media.