Designing a COVID-Safe Office: Is It All Up in the Air?

Latest Airborne Transmission Research and Options for Risk Mitigation

Webinar Previously Held

July 28, 2020

In this latest installment of "The New Workplace" webinar series, expert Dr. Alan Hedge breaks down key findings from the latest research surrounding the airborne transmission of COVID-19, which now shows that 6 feet of separation is not nearly enough. He will also share measures that can be taken both within office floorplans and HVAC systems to bring employees back to the office safely. Following the presentation, the conversation will open up for Q&A.

Our Expert

This webinar will be hosted by Dr. Alan Hedge, an expert in ergonomics and indoor environmental quality.

Dr. Alan Hedge, Professor Emeritus, PhD, CPE, C.Erg.HF

Dr. Alan Hedge

Professor Emeritus, Cornell University; PhD, CPE, C.Erg.HF

Dr. Alan Hedge is a world-renowned ergonomics and indoor air quality expert with over 4 decades of experience on these topics. He was a professor in Department of Design and Environmental Analysis at Cornell University for over 30 years and is now Professor Emeritus. He is an extensively published author with 4 books and over 250 publications. Hedge is often cited in the national and international media and has appeared on innumerable TV and radio programs - a President of the International Ergonomics Association recently noted "he is perhaps the most often cited ergonomist in the media."