Pairing software innovation with Humanscale’s quality ergonomic design, OfficeIQ is the ultimate in office intelligence and the next step in changing traditional offices into active workspaces. Integrated into task chairs and sit/stand desks, OfficeIQ provides room occupancy insight and monitors when users sit, stand or leave desks to promote more physical activity. OfficeIQ makes furniture work for people and helps users make better health decisions throughout their day–not just in the office.


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Standing three hours a day burns an extra 750 calories each week

Ergonomists recommend standing for 15 minutes every hour to invigorate mind and body

The average American spends around 95% of the workday seated

Frequent standing reduces fatigue, minimizes injury, and improves long-term health

  • Measures health and wellness information such as caloric expenditure and gives real-time feedback
  • Multiple PIR sensors ensure accurate data at occupied stations while ultrasonic sensors detect height changes
  • Uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) sensors and wireless connectivity
  • Users can move freely in the workspace and link to any available OfficeIQ sensor
  • OfficeIQ is an unobtrusive, lightweight box that sits on or under the desk area


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Revolutionizing The Active Workplace