Neocon 2011 Sneak Peek

Humanscale Showroom 351  |  Chicago Merchandise Mart  |  June 13-15, 2011


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Trea teams a timeless, ultra-simple aesthetic with surprisingly high-performance function in an elegant multipurpose chair.

Designed by Todd Bracher, Trea introduces a groundbreaking "solid state" recline mechanism by the Humanscale Design Studio that involves no moving parts while providing exceptional ergonomic comfort.

Sustainability is also integral to Trea's design: the lightweight, minimal-part chair offers high percentages of recycled and recyclable content.


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Adjustable Tables

Float is a height-adjustable table that meets the demands of healthier work environments.

Float offers more height adjustability, a greater weight accommodation range, and more work surface options than any other counterbalance table.

And, with architectural lines that belie it sophisticated functionality, it's all achieved without a clunky support beam that can obstruct leg space.

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The first task light to harness Thin Film LED Technology, Horizon delivers a stunning combination of form and function.

Using a series of high-intensity LEDs surrounding several layers of polycarbonate and optical films, Horizon produces an ultra-wide footprint of inviting, glare-free 3000K light, and 10 levels of adjustable illumination.

And its minimalist design leaves no exposed wiring or mechanical fasteners to distract from its luminous beauty.

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Element 790 is an even higher-performance version of Element Classic, the world’s most award-winning LED task light.

A series of striking metal fins keep the unit cool for optimum performance, while a dimmer switch provides user control.

Element 790 offers surprisingly warm light that meets ergonomic requirements.

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Element Vision takes the Element series to its next level.

Offering even warmer light than its predecessors—similar to sunlight—Element Vision demonstrates an evolving visual aesthetic in the Element line.

Element Vision’s occupancy sensor ensures minimal energy consumption, while its dimmer function offers user control.

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The V6 Wall Station combines exceptional space-savings with leading ergonomic design for comfortable caregiver computer use while sitting or standing.

Designed to calm the visual noise common to healthcare environments, the V6 offers a simple, streamlined design and advanced cable management that hides chaos and clutter.

Plus, the V6 promotes infection control with sealed cable management and minimal surface area for easy cleaning.

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NeoCon 2011 Sneak Peek Video from Humanscale