Designing Healthy Work Environments

Ergonomic factors, adjustability, safety, and the impact on clinical workflow all need to be considered when choosing equipment for a healthcare environment. Hospitals and physicians that currently use electronic medical records (EMR) can further optimize workflow and prevent discomfort of caregivers by improving the design of the supporting physical environments through the use of mobile carts and/or wall-mounted, adjustable workstations.


Humanscale’s ViewPoint Technology Wall Stations are computer-mounted wall stations that allow the caregiver to sit or stand at the patient’s bedside while also maintaining the most effective interaction. This option also allows the patient to view the screen while the caregiver explains their health and needs. By mounting the computer, it can extend, articulate, and move to the patient, rather than forcing the patient to move to the equipment.

Mobile technology carts support caregivers’ highly mobile workflow because they integrate technology at the point of care. Humanscale’s TouchPoint Mobile Technology Carts allow caregivers to reduce the risk of injury and fatigue by choosing a cart that pulls its own weight. By minimizing strain and exhaustion, the caregiver is then able to focus on what matters most - the patient. Eliminating the frustration of making many tool adjustments allows caregivers to spend their time focused on their patient and their job.

Humanscale Healthcare partners with The CARITAS Project, which is committed to fostering the development of “generative spaces” in healthcare environments – those that improve rather than degenerate over time, allowing the people and communities they serve to flourish. The CARITAS Project, led by visionary Dr Wayne Ruga, is an important part of Humanscale’s mission to develop products that improve the health and comfort of work life. We also sponsor their Generative Space Award, which recognizes breakthrough designs that improve health and healthcare. 

Partner with Humanscale Consulting to find out how you can create the healthiest work environment and look for a continuing education event in your area to learn more.