Working at a Wall Station

Make sure you are in the correct ergonomic position to ensure you really benefit from your wall station, here are some handy tips that only take a moment to check:

Use an articulating keyboard support and position it about an inch below your rested elbow height, allowing your shoulders to be relaxed. Angle the keyboard away from your body to straighten your wrists while typing. Rest your palms – not your wrists – on a palm support.

Position your mouse close to the keyboard to minimize reaching. Avoid anchoring your wrist on the mousing surface. Instead, glide the heel of your palm over the mousing surface and use your entire arm to mouse.

Position the monitor about an arm’s length away with the top line of text at or slightly below eye level. Tilt the monitor slightly away from you so your line of sight is about perpendicular to the monitor.

Align the monitor and spacebar with the midline of your body and arrange frequently used work tools within easy reach.

Take two or three 30 to 60 second breaks each hour to allow your body to recover from periods of repetitive stress.



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