Solutions for Healthcare IT

Healthcare information technology is experiencing a sweeping transformation.

Healthcare IT Hospital ImageEvery new IT project taken on, whether during a new build, a renovation, or an IT upgrade, is an opportunity to enhance caregiver performance and avoid the pitfalls of interruptions in workflow and in care. 

There are a number of Humanscale Healthcare products and services designed to optimize communication between caregivers and patients. 

Humanscale offers an array of services in healthcare ergonomics. Our consultants help caregivers by developing and implementing cost-effective ergonomics programs and recommending which of our products fit their needs. 

We ensure that our workstations are designed with the utmost flexibility to fit all caregivers, move easily to patients, and provide the ability to conform to the needs of the interaction. Our ViewPoint Technology Wall Stations allow the computer to be mounted on the wall at the patient’s bedside while the caregiver sits or stands at the patient’s bedside. Our TouchPoint Mobile Technology Carts allow the caregiver to be mobile with their computer. Our products adjusts quickly and automatically to save caregivers time, reduce physical risks, and improve efficiencies of care. The easier something is to use, the more likely it is to be used.

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Finding the Value in Healthcare IT: Implementing the Right Point-of-Care Technology for Your Facility