Caregiver Solutions

Healthcare professionals work in some of the toughest jobs in the U.S., with long hours and shift work that can be exhausting. Compounding this is the influx of new technology that is now required to be used in most healthcare facilities. In an industry that has been historically paper-based, skilled caregivers who already have high demands on their time are now required to spend as much time on computers as the average office worker, while seeing more patients than ever. While this can create quite a few challenges, Humanscale’s products and services are the perfect solutions.

The use of computers has the potential to draw the caregiver’s eye contact away from the patient. Eye contact is particularly important in communicating empathy and respect. Nonverbal interaction cues may be reduced when technology is involved. Tending to the patient while also using the computer to input patient information can effectively be done with the use of Humanscale’s ViewPoint Technology Wall Stations, which allows the computer to be mounted on the wall at the patient’s beside, or the TouchPoint Mobile Technology Cart, which allows the caregiver to be mobile with their computer. These ergonomic workstations provide adjustability to fit to all users and support neutral postures while the caregiver is doing any bedside charting.

The caregiver will be able to maintain the triangle of care, a relationship between the caregiver, computer and patient, in any environment. When the triangle of care is implemented, eye contact improves and trust is established, which enables emotional support leading during the healing time. By investing in our tools that improve functionality, healthcare facilities can introduce simplicity into caregiver workflow and obtain far-reaching benefits. These tools increase productivity on tasks and efficiency of movement for nurses and physicians using them. Investing in ergonomics with Humanscale is investing in your organization.

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