The Ultimate Task Chair Is
The Ultimate Gaming Chair

  • 1. Crave maximum comfort and visual playing field?

    Freedom seamlessly supports your head and neck through any position with its optional headrest so you can focus on your game. Level up for customized maximum performance.

  • 2. Endurance-built comfort with effortless adjustability.

    Freedom's sculpted cushions reduce pressure points and match your unique body contours. Its pivoting backrest meets the everchanging needs of your spine as you play, while the chair's gel arm pads and seats combat muscle fatigue and are the ultimate in long–term comfort and support throughout long gaming sessions.

  • 3. Your style, your way:

    Freedom offers endless upgrades and customizations. Mix and match exclusive, high–performance textiles with a wide variety of stitching options until it's the chair built for YOU. Headrest or not, we give you the freedom to choose your way.

Find Your Winning Angle: Monitor Arms That Adjust To Your Game

Our full line of ergonomic monitor arms, mounts, and integrated docks allows for a clutter–free play area and effortless screen adjustment. Manage cables and streamline your setup all through one sleek, game–changing solution.

Quick Release joints offer unbeatable flexibility, while an Accessory Bracket keeps everything you need nearby and out of the way. Gain freedom of movement and peace of mind so you can play harder than ever and stay organized.

Level Up Your Setup

Get the desk that adjusts to you, and keeps all your equipment in the right place at the right time, without losing a moment's time on your game.

Upgrade Your Game

Clear the Way to Performance with High Tech Accessories

Freedom Chair in Carousel

Don't Get Tripped Up.

Wireless charging, always in reach.

Freedom Chair in Carousel

Pro Click Ergonomic Mouse:
Click It to Win It.

We partnered with Razer to design the sleekest ergonomic mouse.

Freedom Chair in Carousel

Clear the Deck.

Get your charging fix, all in one spot, all within reach.

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