How to Choose the Best LED Desk Light

Offers Effortless Adjustability with One Hand
  • Task lights should not feature rigid knobs, motion stops or tip points that limit or complicate adjustment.
  • They should offer full and fluid adjustability with the touch of a finger, like the Horizon LED Light.
Feels Cool to the Touch
  • You should not feel concerned about manually adjusting the task light due to its warmth.
  • In many cases, warm LED task lights indicate that the LED engine is being compromised
A Large Footprint of Light
  • Task lights should provide a large footprint of light that covers a substantial portion of the work surface.
  • This helps to reduce eye strain and illuminates an entire document, rather than small portions.
Casts a Single Shadow on the Work Surface
  • It is crucial that a task light produce only a single shadow on the work surface to mitigate the risk of eye strain.
Prevents Glare
  • A well-made task light, like the Element Vision LED Light, prevents glare on computer surfaces.
Provides Superior Light Quality
  • Task lights should provide warm, white illumination to eliminate visual discomfort and have a relatively high color rendering index for true-color light.
Emits the Right Amount of Light
  • Monitors emit light, while paper reflects light, so users require 10 - 20 times more illumination to view a paper document.
  • Task lights should offer customizable lighting levels, with the lighting level able to reach 100+ foot candles (1000+ lux) at the highest setting.
Don't Forget to Check for Third-Party Validation
  • Third-party tests are essential to validate the claims made by the product’s manufacturer.
  • Tests, such as the thorough LM-79 administered by the Department of Energy and LM-80 standards from the Illuminating Engineering Society, reinforce the quality of the task light.
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