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Developed by board certified ergonomists to raise ergonomic awareness and promote long-term comfort among intensive computer users, ergoIQLEARN is comprised of interactive SCORM compliant eLearning courses and narrated training videos.


  • Learn how to configure any WFH work environment for optimal health, comfort and performance
  • Elevate awareness of key ergonomic concepts, principles and adjustment guidelines
  • Gain valuable insight on strategies for achieving neutral postures when working from home
  • Learn how to evaluate existing equipment for fit and long-term comfort
  • Dispel commonly held misconceptions

Available Formats

Work@Home Ergonomics eLearning Course

This self-paced eLearning course empowers WFH employees to configure their home work environments for optimal health and comfort by elevating awareness of ergonomics principles and adjustment guidelines for laptop, desktop and sit/stand environments. Periodic knowledge checks are utilized throughout to assess understanding of key concepts. The course is SCORM-compliant to allow for seamless integration into a corporate Learning Management System (LMS).

Completion Time

  • 30 minutes

Work@Home Ergonomics Video Series

A series of three on-demand narrated training videos ranging from 8-23 minutes covering a wide range of topics specific to WFH ergonomics. Participants are shown how to properly adjust their chairs, correct hand and wrist posture and improve visual comfort. The extended versions include additional guidance on input devices, sit/stand considerations and movement.

Completion Time

  • Short: 8:27
  • Medium: 13:14
  • Long: 23:10


All eLearning courses and training videos can be modified to meet your organization’s requirements. Examples of customizations include the addition or modification of content, graphics, animations and narration.

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ergoIQ LEARN | Humanscale
Humanscale’s Work@Home Ergonomics Video Series was developed to guide WFH employees through the process of setting up their home work environments for long term health and comfort.