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Humanscale’s team of certified ergonomists offers onsite risk assessments, designed to help your organizations identify ergonomic challenges and evaluate cost effective improvement strategies. Our team prepares a detailed report shortly after the onsite assessment.

Onsite Assessment

Identification of Health Risks

Risk is assessed and documented throughout the work environment to better gauge the extent of long-term health risks.

Task Analysis

Because tasks often dictate posture, it is critical that we gain a better understanding of the workers daily tasks. Observations are used to identify improvement opportunities.

Employee Interviews (short)

Speaking with employees helps uncover challenges that can be difficult to measure through observation alone, such as, worker comfort, job stress, equipment challenges, and perceived job demands. These informal interview last no longer than 10 minutes.

Review of Existing Workstation Design Standards

Workstation design and configuration are often linked directly to worker discomfort. Using established design guidelines, Humanscale ergonomists analyze workstation configurations to identify potential improvements to worker comfort.

Ambient Environment

The ambient environment has been linked to worker health and performance. Things such as thermal conditions, illumination and noise levels can impact employee well-being.

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