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An effective approach entails a focus on workstation design and employee education.
We employ a six-phase approach to program implementation:

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Our first step is to understand your organizations needs and challenges. Together we engage key stakeholders, elevate awareness of best practices and outline a framework for the implementation of an ergonomics program.

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We investigate key areas of concern by analyzing site trends, evaluate existing design standards and review your current program.

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We develop a cost effective strategy to reduce risk and improve employee comfort and health.

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Interactive employee training sessions and individual assessments, our certification program in office ergonomics builds in-house expertise of the assessment process and becomes a first line of defense for preventing workplace injuries.

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We track and analyze a variety of data sets and performance indicators, enabling our team to make informed program suggestions that will lead to further process improvements.

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As your organization shifts employees between facilities or acquires additional facilities, we work to ensure that consistent workstation design and training strategies are implemented throughout.


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