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The 2021 CSR Report

Released in 2022, this report details our sustainability efforts for the past calendar year. In 2021, our factories and operations continued to be challenged by the global pandemic,yet our environmental impactremained a top priority.

We continued to go beyond sustainabilityby outweighing any negative carbon “footprints” with positive, regenerative “handprints”. In all possible ways, it remains our mission to give back more than we take.

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CSR Report Highlights

  • Net Positive Manufacturing -In 2021, 26 of our products (which represent 60% of total sales) are certified net positive, meaning every time they are made the planet is measurably better off.
  • Healthy Materials -Sustainability is built into the new product development process to ensure we use the most sustainable materials possible, including healthy, bio-based, and readily recyclable materials. We also continue to look for ways to use materials previously considered waste.
  • Wildlife Preservation –We launched Liberty Ocean, oursecond task chair on the market made of ocean plastic.
  • Climate –We are proud to have received the highest CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) score in our industry.
Jane Abernethy
"Our unwavering commitment to making the office and the world a healthier place continues to propel us forward and raises the bar for the industry at large."
Jane Abernethy
Chief Sustainability Officer, Humanscale
Humanscale’s Annual CSR Report| Humanscale
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