NeatCharge & NeatHub Join Humanscale’s Suite of Organizational Desktop Solutions

New Cable-Management Tools Transform Desks Into Smart, Connected Workspaces

(March 1 – New York, NY) Workplace productivity remains top of mind for businesses and professionals, especially with the prevalence of work from home, where a cluttered desk is more than just a distraction, it can contribute to real stress and even impact performance. To make the desk surface more manageable, Humanscale introduces NeatCharge and NeatHub to its ever-growing suite of cable-management solutions. These two new accessories will help to create tidier and more efficient workspaces, wherever they may be.

NeatCharge provides invisible wireless charging and enhances useable surface space through its innovative design. While conventional wireless chargers are required to be placed on top of the desk or between the furniture, therefore, permanently affecting the worksurface, NeatCharge seamlessly mounts underneath the desk or any tabletop. This strategic positioning brings power exactly where the user requires it, while keeping the workspace or living area free of additional clutter and cords. NeatCharge utilizes magnetic resonance technology which ensures connectivity for mobile devices placed farther away from the charger while accommodating thicker desk surfaces or tabletops than other wireless chargers. Designed with energy efficiency in mind, NeatCharge only activates when the device is placed above the charger. Once removed, it immediately powers off. NeatCharge also helps to eliminate touchpoints on the work surface which facilitates cleaning and helps reduce potential germ spread, a priority for professionals returning to work and a bonus for those at home.

NeatHub is an all-in-one power solution that offers convenient access to connectivity for any type of device. Featuring two AC plugs, one USB-A port and one USB-C port, this unit provides all charging options in a minimal and practical design that brings access to power directly to the user. It attaches to the edge of almost any worksurface via an adjustable clamp mount in 10 seconds or less, offering an easy installation without requiring the use of tools. NeatHub delivers power quickly and efficiently. It provides up to five times more wattage in comparison to standard phone power adapters. Its Smart Power Distribution Technology safely balances its power delivery depending on the amount of ports being utilized – this way, power is proportionately delivered to all connected devices. NeatHub works on its own or in tandem with NeatTech, Humanscale’s discreet, lightweight mesh basket that safely stores power strips and wayward cables securely underneath the desk and off the floor and worksurfaces.

For a fully technologically-integrated and optimized workstation that promotes a more focused and productive working environment, Humanscale’s Neat Suite of innovative solutions can be used together. To learn more about NeatCharge, NeatHub, and additional organizational tools, visit



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