V/Flex ViewPoint Technology Wall Station


Give your peepers a breather! Reduce eyestrain by taking regular vision breaks. Try looking into the distance two or three times an hour for 30 seconds.

Offering best-in-class ease of use, V/Flex makes care giving more comfortable. V/Flex accommodates 98% of caregivers in sitting or standing postures for ultimate versatility and can be equipped in a wide variety of configurations to facilitate patient-caregiver interactions. With sophisticated cable management, V/Flex promotes infection and clutter control. 


  • 98% of caregivers are supported in sitting or standing postures
  • V7 track—37” or 56” lengths—for exceptional height adjustability, sit-stand functionality and ease of use
  • Many arm options, including straight arms and Solo that holds a monitor and a keyboard on one arm, for ultimate versatility
  • Keyboard can be mounted directly to the track, minimizing the footprint of the unit
  • Superior cable management mitigates clutter- and infection-control concerns
  • Flexible arms facilitate and help to improve patient-caregiver interactions, which enhances trust
  • Streamlined aesthetic features aluminum and a calming color palette, complementing a healing environment
  • Sustainable composition enables the unit to contribute to LEED credits


  • Up to 50 inches of total height adjustment (using the 57” track)
  • Up to 26 inches of total height adjustment (using the Solo on a 36” track)
  • When mounted to a Solo arm, monitor portion extends 11” (277 mm) from wall
  • When mounted to a Solo arm, keyboard platform extends 28” (719 mm) from wall
  • With one straight arm, monitor portion extends 20” (497 mm) from wall
  • With one straight arm, keyboard platform extends 29” (734 mm) from wall
  • Keyboard platform is 28” (700 mm) wide
  • 5-year warranty



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