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With the proliferation of electronic medical records and technology-based treatments, user- and patient-friendly IT solutions are becoming a necessity to the clinical setting. The V7 Wall Station meets that need by facilitating comfortable and convenient computer use for caregivers while helping to improve the quality of patient care. Providing an industry-best 51 inches of independent monitor and keyboard height adjustment, the V7 accommodates 99% of users in both seated and standing positions to offer a convenient, in-room healthcare IT solution.


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  • Accommodates 99% of users in both seated and standing positions
  • Monitor and keyboard arms offer independent one-touch adjustability
  • Height adjustment requires less than one pound of force
  • Fingertip adjustability enables frequent position changes
  • Flexible monitor positioning enables caregiver to maintain visual contact with patient
  • Keyboard/mouse platform flips up for efficient storage
  • Integrated cable management system hides wires
  • Separate wall-mounted CPU holder
  • Contemporary design and color palette



  • 51-inch total height adjustment range
  • Monitor arm extends 36” from wall
  • Keyboard platform extends 47” from wall
  • Keyboard and monitor can be stored within 8” of wall
  • 5year, 24/7 warranty
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Vertical Adjustment Range

V7 Vertical Adjustment measurements


Horizontal Adjustment Range

V7 Horizontal Adjustment measurements

Accessory Adjustments

V7 Accessory Adjustment measurements

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We work hard to ensure that our environmental philosophy is reflected in each product we create. With our Design for Environment protocol, our designers and engineers examine the environmental impact of every choice made throughout the design process—from initial concept through final production. We invite you to read more.

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