HealthPoint Technology Cabinet


Give your peepers a breather! Reduce eyestrain by taking regular vision breaks. Try looking into the distance two or three times an hour for 30 seconds.

At just four inches deep, the H1 is unobtrusive and requires minimal space allowance. Featuring an electronic keypad to ensure confidentiality, the H1 can be positioned safely in public spaces, allowing caregivers and IT staff to effortlessly access and enter crucial patient data without security concerns. With a smooth finish for enhanced infection control, an anti-glare, scratch-resistant screen and a built-in cable management system, the H1 serves as a “touchdown” station, encouraging workplace flexibility and supporting busy caregivers as they move throughout their space.


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  • Can be configured in a 4” (100 mm) or 6” (150 mm) model (depth of product extending from wall) for versatility
  • Electronic keyed entry for caregivers and keyed entry for IT staff for ultimate security
  • Wire management to mitigate infection-control concerns
  • Accommodates monitors up to 24” (609 mm) to support larger screens
  • Vertical and horizontal VESA adjustment to offer the ability to center the monitor within the cabinet
  • Built-in technology straps and power strip for easy access to technology
  • Sleek, calming design complements the aesthetic of the healthcare facility


  • Overall dimensions: 44” (1117 mm) H x 33.5” (850 mm) W x 4-6” (100-150 mm) D
  • Maximum CPU size: 15” (381 mm) W x 13.5” (343 mm) H x 3.8” (97 mm) D (or 5.8” (147 mm) D when configured in 6” (150 mm) D mode)
  • Maximum monitor size: 21” (533 mm) W x 12.8” (324 mm) H x 2.8” (71 mm) D (24” (609 mm) widescreen)
  • Keyboard tray when folded down: extends 8.75” (222 mm) from front of cabinet
  • Keyboard tray width: 29.5” (749 mm)








White Lacquer with Silver Finish

healthpoint finish white lacquer


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