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The state-of-the-art ReadyFleet Technology Manager is Humanscale's proprietary software designed to make managing a fleet of technology carts easy, convenient and hassle-free. ReadyFleet acts as a healthcare organization's 'eye in the sky,' providing constant monitoring of every cart in a facility's fleet. No management system provides broader coverage or better protection of clinical technology—all from one convenient web-based portal.

ReadyFleet. Your fleet—ready when you need it.

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ReadyFleet is designed for compatability with our T5 Technology Cart.
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With clinical technology on the rise, healthcare and IT professionals have been faced with a new set of challenges. Namely, managing an ever-increasing number of technology tools. But patient care is far too important to get bogged down with unnecessary IT challenges.

ReadyFleet makes it easy. Featuring unlimited management capacity, global reach, and ultimate ease of use, it is the most advanced cart management software available to the healthcare industry today.

Power Monitoring Services
  • Constantly monitors battery levels on all carts within ReadyFleet’s system
  • Alerts users when battery levels reach low thresholds
  • Sends customizable email alerts in response to a wide range of facility-specified criteria
  • Convenient web portal allows carts to be monitored remotely from any standard internet connection
  • Prolongs cart battery life by safeguarding against full discharge
  • Ensures all carts are powered and ready for use


Unlimited Cart Capacity

No matter the size of your fleet, ReadyFleet has you covered. Unlike other cart management applications that monitor only a limited number or specific type of cart, ReadyFleet has unlimited management capacity. Equipped to handle tens, hundreds, or even thousands of carts, ReadyFleet is the ideal solution for clinical facilities of all sizes.

Global Enterprise

Other software requires a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or similar connection to manage carts in different locations. But ReadyFleet’s Global Enterprise feature provides access to any and all carts in its system—regardless of geography—from any standard internet connection. Even a fleet of carts spread nation- or worldwide can be easily monitored from a single web portal. No other application provides such convenient global reach, making ReadyFleet the perfect management tool for multi-facility organizations.

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Real-Time Location Service

ReadyFleet’s optional Real-Time Location Service can locate any cart in your fleet in real time, so finding a cart that needs to be charged or serviced can be done quickly. Plus, ReadyFleet can be programmed to provide alerts when equipment leaves its designated area, putting an end to the headaches of misplaced carts.

Universal Compatibility

ReadyFleet is specifically compatible with Humanscale’s line of T5 technology carts, but it is designed to work with any cart or battery system. Even a fleet of carts featuring several different makes and models can be easily converted for ReadyFleet compatibility.

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