Flat Panel Standard Filter


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Specifically designed for today's flat panel LCD monitors, our Flat Panel Filters feature six layers of superior optical coating on each side to reduce up to 99% of glares and reflections. They install easily to most flat panel monitors up to 2" thick.

Simple is Better

We believe the best designs are based on purpose and function.
Our design philosophy

Experts Agree

Alan Hedge
“...using an optical glare filter is one of the most effective things you can do to improve the visual environment for people working on computers.”
— Professor Alan Hedge, Cornell University

Responsible Design

Sustainability is the natural outcome of simple, elegant design.
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  • Easy installation using adjustable brackets
  • Six layers of superior optical coating on each side reduce up to 99% of glare and reflections
  • Coatings are molecularly bonded to glass, using vacuum deposition technology
  • Minimalist design maintains monitor aesthetic
  • Meets American Optometric Association requirements for long term eye protection


  • Sizes available to fit monitors with diagonal screen size of 15" to 21" (dimensions: 14 1/8" x 10 1/2")
  • Fits monitors up to 2" thick
  • Static Field Reduction: 99%
  • UV Shielding: 95%; UVA: 77.4%; UVB: 100%
  • Optical Qualities: Photopic reflectance of .25% or less
  • Durability: Meets or exceeds all applicable requirements of MIL-C-675, MIL-C-48497, MIL-C-14806A
  • 15-year, 24/7 warranty

Sustainabilityflat panel standard filter

We work hard to ensure that our environmental philosophy is reflected in each product we create. With our Design for Environment protocol, our designers and engineers examine the environmental impact of every choice made throughout the design process—from initial concept through final production. We invite you to read more.

A selection of sustainability highlights for the Flat-Panel Standard Filter:

  • Learn more about how we work to extend the life of our products through both design and engineering so they won’t need to be replaced often
  • Close the Loop program ensures that every product ends its useful life with a minimal environmental impact

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