Created by the Humanscale Design Studio, the innovative TouchPoint T7 seamlessly integrates access to clinical data while encouraging caregivers to work ergonomically as they sit or stand, helping to result in better-quality healthcare.



What sets the T7 apart:
Auto Fit™ technology enables one-step, intuitive height adjustment for a good ergonomic fit
Power Track™ steering allows for fluid movement and effortlessly navigating in tight spaces
State-of-the-art cable management system mitigates clutter- and infection-control concerns
• All of the cart’s controls are within the shoulder width—and ergonomic range—of the user
High capacity battery powers the workstation without the need to frequently recharge
Medical accessories can be fitted to the cart
Tutorial embedded in cart software rapidly trains users on cart operations, minimizing time away from patients
Beautifully streamlined design complements a healing environment


Instructions for Humanscale's T7 point-of-care cart
How to use the T7 healthcare cart

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