Inside the Clean Air Zone

Clean Are ZoneHumanscale's ZŌN personal air purifier is poised to set a new standard for indoor air purification with its patented technology. ZŌN  renders HEPA room air purifiers obsolete by creating a clean air zone around the user for improved health and quality of life at both work and home.

The ZŌN personal air purifier does what no other air purifier can do: create a concentrated pocket of pure air where the user breathes.

Maximum Efficiency

By purifying air in such a targeted way, the size of the room becomes irrelevant, and no energy is wasted cleaning air in unoccupied spaces. Designed to operate only when the user is present, Humanscale's ZŌN personal air purifier is 2.5 times more energy efficient than Energy Star requirements.

With just 23 watts of energy consumption and a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 115, ZŌN exceeds Energy Star requirements by more than 200%. To support environmental sustainability, ZŌN is the only air purifier to offer recyclable paper air filters. The filters can either be vacuumed clean and reused or recycled with other paper products.


Maximum Efficacy

Utilizing a tightly coiled paper filter that offers far more surface area for particle capture than any other air purifier, Humanscale's ZŌN personal air purifier removes more than 99% of airborne contaminants of all sizes—including dust, smoke, germs, allergens, smog, viruses, and even volatile organic compounds like formaldehyde—for the freshest air possible.

Boasting breeze-free and ozone-free operation, ZŌN can be placed near and directed toward the user to create a clean air zone with no distractions. More importantly, the user benefits from breathing dramatically reduced levels of pollutants and other contaminants.

The ZŌN personal air purifier delivers pure air exactly where it's needed: where the user breathes.

Not Just Clean Air—Cleaner Air

The ZŌN personal zone air purifier's cleaning power trumps popular HEPA filters when it comes to extra-small contaminants. Only ZŌN's patented technology can effectively catch the most minute airborne particles.



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Humanscale's ZŌN Personal Air Purifier
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Humanscale's ZŌN personal air purifier is designed to do what no other air purifier can do: create a concentrated pocket of clean air in that very spot. Through patented air cleaning technology developed in Sweden, ZŌN surrounds the user in a clean air zone that's free of more than 99% of airborne pollutants, dust, and biological contaminants.

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