At NeoCon 2014, Humanscale will unveil exciting new products that create a healthy, balanced workspace. The new, active workspace broadens the concept of office comfort, encouraging gentle activity throughout the day to foster health, well-being and productivity.

Join us for exclusive conversations with prominent designers and experts as they share the inspirations, motivations and processes behind Humanscale’s latest products.


Neocon Showroom 351
Monday, June 9 - Wednesday, June 11

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Ballo is the modern, comfortable answer to traditional ball seats. Available in multiple colors, Ballo is a stylish stool made for short-term sitting. Created by industrial designer Don Chadwick, it promotes flexibility, freedom of movement and comfort.

Don Chadwick will be in the Humanscale showroom on Monday

Don Chadwick
Legendary designer Don Chadwick, co-designer of the Aeron Chair, has received many accolades throughout his career, including Time Magazine’s Best of the Decade award.


Fresh yet classic, Trea is a versatile multipurpose chair, perfect for any environment. Designed with comfort in mind, Trea’s solid state 10-degree recline mechanism affords users movement and flexibility.

Meet Todd Bracher in the Humanscale Showroom on Monday and Tuesday

Todd Bracher
New York designer Todd Bracher has been pinned as “America’s next great designer” and has been twice nominated for Bolig’s International Designer of the Year award.


A revolutionary sit/stand solution, QuickStand is the elegant and modern centerpiece of the active workspace. Promoting freedom of movement and effortless activity, QuickStand simply clamps to the existing work surface, allowing users to sit or stand throughout their day.

Join Humanscale Product Manager John Brooks Monday to Wednesday

John Brooks
Product Manager John Brooks oversees all sit/stand product lines and works to bring the Humanscale philosophy of functionality and movement to fruition.


Explore the importance of movement and the ergonomics aspects of the active workspace. Jonathan will share practical ways to apply these to interior spaces and daily routines to boost health and productivity.

Join Jonathan to learn about adopting the active workspace in any environment Monday to Wednesday

Jonathan Puleio MS CPE
Humanscale’s Director of Ergonomic Consulting Jonathan Puleio MS CPE is a board certified professional ergonomist and has worked as an ergonomics consultant in the areas of product design, ergonomics program development and applied anthropometry.


Humanscale at NeoCon 2014