City of Westminster College Case Study

“Liberty best suited our needs—it was the most comfortable, had the right feel, had a sensible design, and looked good without being too fancy. Everyone who sat in the chair was very pleased."

- David Pigden, Deputy Principal, City of Westminster College

New Design, New Priorities

City of Westminster College is vastly diverse, not only in its student body—which ranges in age from 16 to 80 plus—but also in the courses it offers. Given this diversity, creating a unified community was an integral—and sometimes challenging— goal of the new design plan. The College needed a new space that would simultaneously meet the needs of a modern learning environment, exhibit a timeless and flexible design, and allow all students and staff to find areas suiting their individual interpretations of “comfort.” And when it came to one of the most important aspects of this new and improved space— the seating—the same high standards applied.


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