CO-OP Case Study (UK)

"When using the M2 monitor arm in conjunction with their new Liberty chairs, the team members are able to sit in healthier, more ergonomic positions."

- Steve Dobson, Co-op's capital projects manager

A Cultural Shift

Co-operative (Co-op), a multi-faceted financial company offering banking, insurance and funeral services, sought to consolidate its workforce into a new 14 storey, 330,000 square foot open-plan office in Manchester. Since its inception, the company worked in a fragmented way, with staff and departments separate from each other and minimal interaction among teams. Co-op wanted to bring its main businesses together, and had specific aims for the new space. “The journey we had to make culturally was huge and the new environment was designed to increase productivity and collaboration,” said Steve Dobson, Co-op’s capital projects manager.

The Co-op team had a number of check boxes to tick when it came to planning the space. It was seeking sustainability excellence and a BREEAM outstanding rating. Beyond creating a green space, Co-op wanted to provide the best environment for their employees. Ergonomics and employee wellness played a huge factor in the design of the new building. With such a large, diverse workforce, the team knew they needed tools that adapted to the user, rather than the other way around.

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