AhnLab Case Study

"...Humanscale products have intrinsic characteristics that clearly show that they are different from other products."

- Jonathan Kim, Managing Director, Steven Leach & Associates

Creating Business with a Soul

AhnLab, a pioneering innovator in the information security arena since 1995, develops award-winning, industry-leading computer security solutions for both consumers and enterprises. But their commitment to making life better for people doesn’t stop with their customers— it extends to their employees, as well. In fact, the global organization has become known as a company that is “creating business with a soul” due to their determination to make a better work environment for their employees. And when they decided to move to their new headquarters in Seoul, South Korea in November 2011, AhnLab continued to make their employees’ comfort a top priority.

Understanding that their highly trained employees work at computers all day to maintain business operations, management at AhnLab wanted  to encourage their employees to produce the best work as effectively and comfortably as possible. Having received complaints about the uncomfortable working conditions, they knew that the current state of their employees’ workstations limited their comfort and productivity, which spurred AhnLab to seek replacement chairs that would accommodate employees’ ergonomic needs throughout the long hours they spend at work.

The Workers' Choice

Truly interested in their workers’ contentment, AhnLab left the decision-making process for the new office furniture up to its employees.  Steven Leach & Associates Seoul, AhnLab’s architecture and design firm, worked with JK International, Humanscale’s distribution partner in South Korea, to present a diverse array of products, spanning from those manufactured by internationally known brands to local companies. Each employee tested the task chairs and provided an opinion. ”When employees were making their decision about which chairs should be chosen, the comfort of the product was more important than the design,” said Kyu-Chul Han, Deputy General Manager, HR & Administration Team, AhnLab.

With comfort taking precedence, Humanscale’s offerings prevailed. As employees cast their votes, it was Freedom’s weight-sensitive recline, ease of use and high-functioning synchronous armrests that captured their attention and made the chair their top seating choice. “Freedom was chosen because it was the most trusted chair due to its natural functionality, its comfort and its simple, sturdy design,” said Kyu-Chul Han. Researchers and managers who use their computers for long hours received Freedom Headrest chairs and employees in sales and management roles were provided with Freedom Task chairs. In addition, vibrantly colored Liberty Task chairs were selected for their conference rooms, enhancing the appearance of these spaces while also providing the superior level of comfort AhnLab desired. Planning ahead, AhnLab also ordered 3% more Humanscale chairs than they needed at the time—for a total of more than 1,000 chairs—to accommodate incoming employees joining the company in the future.

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