22seven Case Study

"The Humanscale products have proven to be robust, intuitive to use, and perfectly suited to our way of working."

- Chris Tisdall, Chief Operating Officer, 22seven

Making Space More Comfortable and Productive

22seven, a new generation money management service based on Cape Town, South Africa, was in search of versatile ergonomic solutions. To accommodate the work styles of its employees—most of whom are computer programmers—22seven needed a space that enables and fosters daily collaboration. Its advanced project management system demanded a work environment with high visibility, generous desk space, great lighting, plenty of personal real estate and flexible monitor mobility (to allow for two programmers to work simultaneously at one workstation). What’s more, since software engineers, system analysts and web designers spend most of their time on their computers, providing each employee with a high-performance, ergonomic workstation was a top priority. “We wanted everyone to be super comfortable and super productive,” said Chris Tisdall, Chief Operating Officer, 22seven.


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