The CARITAS Project: Working Together Towards Generative Space

The Project

In an industry propelled by evidence-based design, The CARITAS Project, led by visionary Dr. Wayne Ruga, has established itself as a philosophic center. Since its founding in 1999, the Project has remained completely committed to fostering the development of what Dr. Ruga describes as “generative spaces”—that is, spaces that improve rather than degenerate over time, allowing the people and communities they serve to flourish—particularly in healthcare environments.

Our Role in the Mission

As a company dedicated to creating the healthcare tools that form the building blocks of generative healthcare spaces—such as mobile technology carts that instantly adjust to the user’s entered height and technology wall stations that allow caregivers to ergonomically work and interface with their patients while sitting or standing—Humanscale Healthcare is proud to partner with The CARITAS Project as it assembles a body of work made up of valuable benchmarking, case studies and other real-world applications.

With our President of the Americas, Heather Fennimore, serving on The CARITAS Project’s Advisory Board, Humanscale is an important part of the Project’s mission. And to further demonstrate our support of the Project’s work, we sponsor its Generative Space Award, which recognizes breakthrough designs that improve health and healthcare. In addition, we are actively spreading awareness of the importance of generative space being practiced universally, beyond the realm of healthcare.


In working towards the goal of universal generative space by developing products that improve the health and comfort of work life and by supporting meaningful organizations like World Wildlife Fund, we are continuously inspired by pioneers like Dr. Mark Rowe, Annette Ridenour and Tama Duffy Day, each of whom has cultivated generative space in his or her own, innovative way.

Looking to the Future

As generative space advances towards becoming the new standard, we hope to see the lines between corporate space and community space further blurred. We look forward to continuing our support of The CARITAS Project’s mission—through our products as well as our actions.


Corporate Social Responsibility - Humanscale and The CARITAS Project
Humanscale and The CARITAS Project - working together towards Generative Space


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