Humanair Air Purifier to Debut at NeoCon

New Humanscale Product Offers Innovative Clean Air Zone Technology


Karen Brooking


NOTE: ZŌN was known as Humanair at the time of this release.


New York, May 27, 2009 — Humanscale takes on unhealthy air with its latest innovation: a high-performance air purifier that will debut at NeoCon 2009, June 15 – 17. The new Humanair air purifying device offers exciting Clean Air Zone technology that is sure to set a new trend in the contract interiors industry.

The Environmental Protection Agency has identified indoor air quality as one of the top five most urgent environmental risks to public health, while data shows there’s a clear link between breathing issues and productivity on the job. The American Lung Association says asthma and breathing problems account for approximately 24.5 million missed workdays each year, and the Asthma and Allergy Foundation indicates asthma and allergies lead to $8 billion in lost productivity in the U.S workplace annually. What’s more, the ALA says half of the U.S. population is breathing unhealthy amounts of air pollution.
Currently available air purifiers fail to adequately address the unhealthy air crisis, falling short, in particular, in office settings. Designed to clean rooms over time by recirculating cleaner and cleaner air, most air purifiers are ineffective in the large spaces typical of most office environments, where there’s simply too large a volume of air to effectively clean with portable units. And adding HEPA-quality filtration to HVAC units is extremely costly and inefficient. Plus, HEPA-based products are noisy and require frequent and expensive filter replacement. And traditional electrostatic precipitator devices, also called ionizers, are inefficient and produce excessive ozone, a toxic gas that can harm the lungs.
A new solution for improving the air quality of office workers, the Humanair product employs patented Clean Air Zone technology developed in Sweden. Humanair air cleaners operate in virtual silence, produce no ozone, and create no noticeable draft, which allows them to be positioned near the user so that clean air can be directed right where it’s needed—where the user breathes—effectively creating a Clean Air Zone around deskbound workers. Creating pockets of clean air around every worker instead of trying to clean all the air in an office is by far the most effective and efficient way to deliver clean air to everyone who spends hours every day sitting in front of a computer.
Complementing the trend toward sustainability, Humanair air purifiers consume just seventeen watts of energy. In fact, the Humanair product exceeds Energy Star requirements by 275%, far exceeding the clean air efficiency of any other product. 
Humanair’s patented technology is already getting applause: In 2008, the Museum of Modern Art featured a Humanair unit prototype in its exhibition Design and the Elastic Mind. The Humanair device was among 200 designs displayed that merged scientific research with human limitations, habits and aspirations.
The first Humanair model is slated for availability in the 4th quarter of 2009.


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