Humanscale to Feature Latest Hospitality Innovations at BDNY 2012

Mode™ Chair and ZŌN® Personal Air Purifier Will be on Display


Karen Brooking


NEW YORK, November 11, 2012 — Humanscale will showcase a number of new innovations for the hospitality market—including the Mode chair and the ZŌN Personal air purifier—at Boutique Design New York (BDNY), November 11 – 12, 2012.

Created to redefine the ergonomic capability and comfort of stackable banquet chairs (which tend to have inflexible backs and unshaped seat and back cushions), the Mode chair features a revolutionary back (which reclines up to 12 degrees) and ergonomically molded foam cushions for hours of comfortable sitting. Built for hospitality settings such as banquet halls, conference centers, classrooms, guest rooms and seminar areas, it offers versatile applications. The Mode chair’s unique modular design allows the chair’s aluminum and cushion components to be quickly disassembled and replaced in-field, making Mode a more cost-efficient and energy-efficient option than traditional hospitality chairs. The Mode chair also offers quick and simple ganging to neighboring chairs and is easier and safer to stack efficiently than traditional chairs of this type, thanks to its unique construction (with back legs that are farther apart than its front legs). Available in four chair colors—Grey, Black, Bronze and Gold—and in numerous textile options, it can be readily customized to aesthetically complement any event or setting.

Bringing much-needed purified air to the germ-exposed traveler, the highly energy-efficient ZŌN Personal air purifier eliminates 99% of airborne toxins and contaminants, has a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 115 and uses only 23 watts of power (making it 2.5 times more efficient than ENERGY STAR requirements). Utilizing innovative DEP Technology®, the ZŌN Personal air purifier creates a targeted “clean air zone” around the user, and can be discreetly placed upon a bedside table or desk due to its virtually breeze-free, noise-free operation. A healthy option for guest rooms, reception areas and back of house, the ZŌN Personal air purifier produces negligible ozone (< 0.001 ppm). Offered in three finishes—Black, White and Metallic Red—it adds a sleek touch to any hotel or spa.

In addition to these products, Humanscale will exhibit an array of other hospitality-oriented solutions, such as the Horizon LED task light, which was recently accepted into the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art, at booth #4707.

For more information about Humanscale’s ergonomic hospitality solutions, visit or call 800-400-0625.

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Humanscale is the premier designer and manufacturer of ergonomic products that improve the health and comfort of work life. Achieving more with less, Humanscale’s product designs have been honored with more than 150 prestigious awards since 2007 and featured in various museums such as The Museum of Modern Art.

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